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  • i believe the idiot touch judge that said Shaun Lane put his foot on the line has been charged

    • will they charge the idiot referee who made countless mistakes?

  • Didn't Newcastle score of the bullshit no advantage on the "foul play" on Ponga? The MRC are saying it shouldn't of even been a penalty in the first place? Then the missed offside from Mitchell Pearce which blind Freddy could of seen. The NRL really need to shake up the referee system, new systems in place for training and a complete overhaul.

    • Complete overhaul yes.

      Promote the best up and comers. Some of which are permanently on touch judge watch, simple because of the politics and the old Sutton regime. Even his wife is being held back. Believe me she is 10 times better than both combined.


    • Want to know the funny thing? Annesley said they can't replace referees because they don't have the depth. Want to know why they don't have the depth? Because V'Landiddly in his infinite wisdom sacked a bunch of the part timers, forcing full timers onto the sideline to fill touch judging roles. 

  • Does this include Stefano?

    • No, his case is different. 

    • His Fam have to be tested, if cleared then he sweet - I think?

  • What a fucking surprise! Waqa Blake hits a guy legally and he gets penalised then the NRL says sorry, our mistake after the fact. It's bloody farcical how often Annesley is apologising for mistakes every week.

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