• We definitely need to recruit backs. We are looking good in the forwards but are weak in the backs. We need a strike center and  a good wing replacement for Fergo when he spends half the season out injured. 

      • I just love the positivety of our failure in 2021 even before pre season training has started.

        The 1EE excution squad was simply away on Christmas holidays - how stupid of me to think otherwise.

        12 backs (including Jennings) and 15 forwards on official team list so far.

        2 of those forwards (reportedly) could cover in the halves

        Yes, a couple of astute buys to bolster the backs would be in order, but who is to say the ones we have cannot cut the mustard

        • We have to make some signings to get to our 30, it should be backs predominantly at this stage. Col you know I've gone into bat for Opacic, I think he could be great for us, but we need more depth out wide for sure.

          • Would you class Opacic as a starter or depth brissy?

          • I know your not asking me, my opinion is, he is a starter.

            • Cheers Chris. 

              Cant say I have seen that much of him to say if he is a starter or depth player. 

              • Same here, I have not seen him play, but the MJ issue hangs over the position, if MJ is gone then Opacic pretty much seals that spot, if MJ passes the b sample then I would have Opacic in the other centre spot.

                I have not seen Burns either but he's young and there are wraps on him, would put pressure on others in the backline though.

                • I think if we get Burns, he is a then will become very interesting with Opacic offering real depth and a sub for Waqar if he fcuks up.

                  • IF Opacic regains his original form he is a far better centre than Waqa.

                    You heard it here first.

                    [Edit] 2018 Redcliffe Dolphins premiership winning team had Stagg and Opacic as their centres, Both featured prominently in a convincing win over Easts, with 1 try to Opacic and several goals to Stagg.

            • Yo the Cookie Monster

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