• HH, we need a "good scout" not another good signing....hmmm.....then you "please one more good prop" when /who and how will you play him and fit him in the side?

      Me thinks your career as selector is probably not ready about a male cheerleading group.....another first for Parra.

      This is my dog Annie, who is very well read she couldn't figure out what we would do with another prop either. She does the racing form with me as well, her stablemate Bella is Mushy's drinking companion.


  • Is that a 'New Sign'? or a 'New Signing'? as both are just slightly different.

    • Mr A has corrected his post - originally it said new sign imminent - so my new sign is the correct one.

  • We can now cross Nofoaluma off the list.

    He has resigned with the Tigers.

    • Yep, so much for all of that talk!

      • I'm glad we didn't get him. Tigers went real hard to keep him, 4 years for big money is a big risk and he's not that young either he's 27. Rather target a youngster that's worth while. Xavier Coates maybe??

        • My first choice was the fox but the dogs got him.

          My 2nd choice was Coates and I would be going all out to get him. He would be the perfect replacement for Fergo when he finishes with us at the end of this season.

          • Absolutely!!  

          • Coates will end up at Melbourne, watch this space.

            • I think you are right Alan.

              The Titans are chasing him hard to but I can definitely see him ending up at the Storm.

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