Whats peoples thoughts on these new rule changes, refs penalised alot in the pre season games


Concerned at Eels, as we are a rather undisciplined team, can see us giving up crucial meters to these rules.

The "down town" rule i like, but gonna cost some teams a win on these penalties late in a game

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  • The down town rule was one where people thought we would struggle with, so remains to be seen. But the rule itself i do like.

    The drop out rule i understand why they did it but do not like it. I feel it takes out the skill of the line drop out. Yes fans might find it boring and they limit the chance of concussion with the long drop out run back.

    • I don't mind the drop out rule but it may hurt Parra.  We are shit defenders on our line so if we don't get ball back nearly certain other team will score.

      I think the team receiving the ball should be able to pick it up at any time though even if doesn't go the 10.  If a team does a poor kick the opposition should have an opportunity to capitalise.

  • Getting rid of the leg pull I like very much 

    • What if you're not up for a root and would prefer a little leg pull 🤔 

  • Downturn will be hard to police but I don't mind.


    Last year's GF was essentially decided by a penalty kick from a bad drop out and a try from a failed Drop out it's a risk reward situation I think the penalty should still apply I know they want more tries etc but I'm not so keen on it.

    I hate the consistent rule changes some work others are not needed except I feel to speed up the game for TV 

  • Just another tactic for the NRL to have even more influence on managing a games outcome. We will no doubt see some refs blowing whistles for examples that other refs are letting identical ones go.  Just more interpretations for them to leverage. Ask yourself why , after these rules have been rules for years , but all of a sudden they're calling them out. Why now ?  And why wernt they policing these rules before ?  Penrith have been exploiting this downtown rule allowing players to block runners on Clearys kicks , now they tell us this is illegal.so ultimately referees are admitting they let illegal plays go 

  • It was about time they did something about blockers for field goals. The defence didnt stand a chance charging down the kick or putting pressure on the kicker to miss.

  • The only change to the drop out rule I would have made would have been to allow the defensive or receiving team to play at the ball before it goes 10 metres. They stil have to stand 10 metres back when the ball is kicked but once it's kicked it's in play for the receiving team. That would eliminate those shit grubber kicks where the receiving team is standing there waiting for the ball to cross the line and then they either play at it too early and give away a penalty or the kicking team is able to grab the ball first. I hate that, you should have to execute those kicks properly and that rule change ensures that. 

    • Whilst I agree with your call above ,  I don't mind the defending team getting a good chance of winning the ball back .  It takes away the guarantee of another 6 if you plod through 5 tackles and grubber the  ball in for dropout .  

      but yeah , if you do a slow shit grubber drop out the receiving team should be able to attack it before it goes 10 .  

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