New recruits?

It's normally a hot topic on here so apologises if it has been discussed already. 

Have we been linked to anyone for 2021? Or have we bought anyone? 

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  • Interestingly you guys are saying we are losing players and that there is nothing of any note available for next year.  A lot of you bagged me with my blog about looking at the English Super League.  Look at Canberra it can be achieved.  There are some good players playing in England.  

  • No need to drop anyone next year either, won’t need any players.

  • wouldn’t use counterfeit money for Mannah.

  • I reckon Siosifa Talakai is a good option for us. He's a very good young player and a big boy. Sharkies won't be able to re-sign all their local juniors so maybe that could leave the door open to approach him.

    • I think he has already signed with the Sharks.

  • We should be going all out for a Fergy- Ado Carr swap. Melboune can have a year of Ferg as they want a "like for like" and Ado Carr provides some intangiables we desperately need.

    BA wont do it though because he likes battering ram wingers..field position & that...

    • OK, wonderful statement to make. Now tell me why the hell, the Storm would even be open to such a swap? Really?  I think we should ask the strorm to swap Kane Evans for Nelson Asofa Solomona. Maybe we coud ask the Broncos to swap Waqa Blake for Katoni Stags.  Sorry dude, love most of your posts, but check in to reality with this comment.

      • Because they want a like for like. JAC is on contract to them for 1 year and wants to be in Sydney. 

        Fergo is the current NSW Origin winger opposite JAC..thats about as like for like as theyre going to get?Or do you think they'd rather send him to the Tigers for Joey Leilua?

      • The Storm are willing to let him go back to Sydney for 'family reasons' but they want an NRL winger of similar quality in exchange. They asked the Tigers for Nofoaluma. Ferguson is about at his level.

  • The real question is, are there any players of note available?

    Going off this list there are not many of quality standard that are coming free.

    Any good ones will be re-signed by their respective clubs imo.

    Players Off Contract 2020 – By Position | Zero Tackle
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