Munster or Cleary ?

How do you compare the two halfbacks 

me personally I prefer Cleary. I think he will be even better in the future. But so is Munster unless grog ruins him. 
if you could buy one of those two. Who would it be 

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      • Take a look at moving spine players positions as the Storm do.

        Not a realistic move for Munster to come here? Money talks.

        Perham will be a top line fb when given a chance, possibly by a rival club.

        Gutho is a very good fullback, but we need more speed in that position.

        He'd be great as a centre with a license to roam.

        DB at nine a bad career move? He'd smash it, can handle the D and this obviously accomodates Munster.

        • Money doesn't talk when you have already committed it to players already on the roster.You think there's just a million dollars of cap sitting around.I don't think there is if there was Mahoney and Papali'i are probably still Eels next year.

          What has Perham shown to you that he'll be this top flight fullback what exactly.I mean he's decent he does have talent but I don't see that out of Perham and the fact he can't crack our 17 on a regular basis says alot for me.

          Let Gutho roam well that's exactly what he does at fullback. I'm only moving Gutho if I need to not just because.If he performs like he did last week I'm not moving him for anything.In fact Gutho has been close to the best player at the club for 3 years playing fullback.

          DB,so too me this is such a bad move.I think you are sabotaging his career by moving him there just to make a spot for Munster not for what's best for the individual.DB is the future for Parra in the halves so why would you move him into 9.It makes zero sense zero he's been a half his whole career so now let's move him to hooker just because.

    • Gutherson isn't a centre. He's a fullback and maybe a number 9

  • Munster is a 5/8 not a halfback. 

    Dyl will be every bit as good as Munster by the time he reaches his age so we don't need Munster. 

    Cleary is the best halfback in the game but Moses is in the top 3 so happy to keep him.

    • Coryn and you a right Bem... someone obviously told Grunta at the funny farm that's what happens when you change what we now know is a very good spine.

      Why would/should change that when we have obviously issues in the centres, wings and edges (post this season)....

      Pereham at full back is average, he hardly cuts them up in Reserve Grade and whilst he is handy, he is not good enough, fast enough or tough enough, go back to planting "spuds" Grunts.

      • Our spine was great before the loss of Mahoney. 

        If we had kept our spine we would have very few issues next year. Yes a couple more outside backs would be handy and our 2nd row has lost some grunt but keep your spine together and the rest falls in place. Just ask Melbourne. 

        I know some people think we will be fine with Hodgson next year but we won't.

        Yes he was great a few years back but our spine has been together for a long time and you just can't replace that.

        Moving DB to hooker is one of the dumbest suggestions I have ever heard. He is a 5/8 and will be one of the best in the game.


    • I like Moses , he is very passionate and quite a solid and mostly reliable player . 

      But top 3 ?  

    • I'd have Moses in the top 5 but not the top 3

      1.Nathan Cleary 2.Adam Reynolds 3.Jerome Hughes 4 Mitchell Moses 5. DCE

      • I'd have Moses 5th with Ben Hunt nipping at his heels.  It's one of those tough things to judge when you have some really good halves playing in a team that's not as loaded with players that can carry the workload.  

        Could you stick Moses in that shithouse Dragons team and he guide them to a win himself ? No .  Hunts a bit hot and cold , however put him in our team and it's safe to say his rating jumps a few notches . Stick Mitch in the Dragons team and he's all of a sudden outside that top 5 .  Could Moses make the difference Reynolds has made to The Broncos ?  No fucking way.  Even Cleary couldn't do what Reynolds is doing up there.  In my opinion Adam Reynolds is not only the best halfback in the game right now , but he'd be close to the inform player overall in the game. 


        • Agree nothing seperating Cleary and Reynolds, Bronx look like a top 4 team - Reynolds all round game is exepectional, lots of variety in his kicking game, not the quickest halfback around but he does take on the line something Moses hasn't done in a while -  on Reynolds it makes you wonder if Reynolds was our number 7 what would our attack look like? I'm not being too critical of Moses it's seems when he nails one of the game ie game management or defense another part of his game takes a back seat just an observation.

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