Munster or Cleary ?

How do you compare the two halfbacks 

me personally I prefer Cleary. I think he will be even better in the future. But so is Munster unless grog ruins him. 
if you could buy one of those two. Who would it be 

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  • Depending on your teams needs, Cleary is more of an organizer and would be more valuable on the open market 

  • Munster for me he is unpredictable while Cleary is Predictable. We don't need predictable we already have enough. 

  • As chief stated it depends on who your other half is but cleary is the more valuable player and is far more consistent than Munster, with Munster you get wow plays that you don't with cleary.

    If I was starting a team from scratch I would take cleary without hesitation. 

  • Munster isn't a halfback for starters.

    The comparison should be Cleary or one of Moses DCE Reynolds 

    • That's what's unique about the storm, Hughes, Paps and Munster are all fullbacks 

    • I think he meant half's not halfbacks. 

  • For our team, Munster.

    I believe with Munster we'd get that elusive premiership. That's how great he'd be for this team.

    I still think we'd be a massive threat with...

    1. Perham

    4 Gutherson

    6. Munster 

    7. Moses

    9. D Brown


    The rest filled with mainly current players and young and exciting players from our development to get those big names under the cap.

    If the Storm and Rorters can get so many big names under the cap, why can't we?

    • Perham will be lucky to be in the 17 once everyone's back.

      If we put DB to 9 it would be the worst career move for him.

      Gutho to centre umm I guess you missed last weeks game.

      Munster is a great player but it's just not a realistic move for him to come here.

      Moses yep 7s his spot much like 6 is DBs spot.

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