• Wait till he plays in big matches.. He will find out how hard it is..
  • Better have a big game against the bullfrog pack tomorrow, I don't think sugar ray will take a backward step though.
  • I have a feeling Mossip wants out of Parra and the NRL...
    • If he wants to go, let him big loss!
  • Played for 32 min & didn't bend the line once. Hardly qualifies calling anyone else in the NRL soft.

  • That's the sort of thing you say to make the the Pommy punters happy. It is amazing that people like Mossop do not realise you can do interview in Timbuktu and the internet will relay it around the world.

  • Good on the Moose Mossop. He seems to be a real character.
    He's not afraid to speak he's mind like some of the cliché one liner boys going around. Eg. "We'll take it one game at a time" or "We'll concentrate on our game and not worry about the opposition" fekkinb boring crap.

    The Moose ain't scared of no man!! Especially Ron Burgundy ??!
  • He's a twit, plodded through 32min and is bagging the NRL.  Go home you nobody.

  • Since its full of aus players that are there winding down id say he has a lot to learn
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