Moses is the NRL's Quickest Halfback.

Moses ran at 36.1km/hr against Tigers (most likely when he scored the try). This puts him above Averilo who recorded 36km/hr recently. This means he has been the 6th fastest player this year. Everytime Moses runs the ball, he looks so dangerous. However, we only see glimpses of this during games as he reverts to trying to go around teams. Hence, Moses should run the ball more often like D Brown does. Think run before pass sometimes. 


It is fair to say we have the fastest halves in the NRL. 

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    • I don't think he is the slowest halfback in the NRL. I watched the highlights of reserve grade this week and he was chasing a player who took an intercept. His top speed looks pretty decent but his acceleration is probabably the slowest amongst NRL halfbacks. 

      • 0-100kph in 2 weeks.

        • lol honestly felt like that watching him in the NRL. You could see him putting his head down, trying to sprint, but he was like a snail. 

          • But even speed can be improved

  • Hetherington at 6! Wow!

    • He was chasing X Coates from the kick off in rd 3. 

    • Probably max speed as he took the dive

  • He got wheels

  • No Papenhyuzen?

    Thats very surprising.

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