Moses is the NRL's Quickest Halfback.

Moses ran at 36.1km/hr against Tigers (most likely when he scored the try). This puts him above Averilo who recorded 36km/hr recently. This means he has been the 6th fastest player this year. Everytime Moses runs the ball, he looks so dangerous. However, we only see glimpses of this during games as he reverts to trying to go around teams. Hence, Moses should run the ball more often like D Brown does. Think run before pass sometimes. 


It is fair to say we have the fastest halves in the NRL. 

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    • People overate Papenhyuzen's speed. Not many have a better acceleration than him, but there are a few players that have a greater top speed than him. Last year his top speed was 35 km/hr and 2019 he hit 35.9 km/hr against the Tigers in a 90min sprint (with the ball in his hands). 

      • 90 min sprint that's stamina

  • If that speed was on his try Waqa's GPS must've been broken because he was gaining ground throughout

    • apparently Blake's top speed was 33.7 km/hr which is odd. Cause yeh, he was gaining meters on Moses.

      • What do you mean gaining? After Moses ran around the fullback with ball in hand? Of course the supports are going to catch up lol. 

        • Yea but if Moses was running at 36.1km/hr, surely Waqa Blake was running close to that speed. 

          • Don't forget it's top speed. Some blokes can't reach the same top speed but can keep a high speed for longer. Blake isn't all that fast off the mark but once he gets going he sustains a good speed for a long time with those long strides. 

            • I rewatched the Moses try, and surely he reached his top speed once he passed Laurie. When Moses did pass Laurie, Blake was surely running faster than Moses. 

  • Surprised to see Gutho on the list. Always thought if Gutho had a bit more speed he would be the best player in the game, up there with Turbo. 

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