• What should parra do with Moses? Do we keep him and think his going to lead us to a premiership or do parra shop him around like they were in 2018 before he had a tough one on one with BA. I say give him back to the tigers and we can have benji for cheap and spend the rest somewhere else, maybe go after staggs or another aggressive forward. 

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  • Lucky we are running fourth. imagine if we were outside the top 8 the number of negative blogs this site would have.

    Got to love the Parra supporters they know how to rally behind their team.

  • Same shit, different blog title...

    Matt Burton
    The Eels most disappointing player in the last 4 weeks has been MM. If possible i would like to see him moved on.I know he was DM 7 in 2019, but he h…
  • Last year you wouldn't trade Moses for anyone. At the beginning of the year he was still in form and one of the best. A leg injury has significantly slowed him down. Relax Jack and give him another year to prove his value.

  • I am still undecided on Moses. However, for the most part, I have never been a big fan. He has all the skills and instincts, but his mind is brittle and he plays without composure. 

    I didn't rate him while at the tigers and was not happy that we paid him to play 7. I would have preferred Brooks, literally. 

    Then, when he came, he was everything I thought he would be. Shit, with very occasional sprinklings of brilliant. I thought Norman was the better option and the Dragons (rightly or wrongly) seemed to agree. As I understand it, there was interest for Norman but not Moses.

    However, I was forced to eat my words last year. Moses was good, really good. He consistently played with time and proved to me that he can step up and be an elite half.  He started the year in the same form. That can't be fluked.

    However, he is yet to play an outstanding game, or even a noteably good game, against the top sides and I don't accept his injury is the sole reason for his form slump. He still has pace and he still does all the kicking,  so how can we accept his injury has curtaile him so much? It certainly doesn't excuse his poor passing and positional play, nor his organising of the troops (who have been very clunky). Guth seems to be our most important play maker at the moment. 

    I am fast giving up on Moses again.  Hopefully Joey gets him back on track. 

    • Couldn't agree more with all that you have said.Somewhere there in him is a good footballer but you need CONSISTANCY and he has never shown that and don't think he ever will.His demeanour on the field also has a little bit to be desired as far as leadership skills go and also getting us out of trouble when the chips are down in my opinion.

  • A lot of people here are Olympic level quick to pass judgement before it's necessary. The time for that will be after our season has ended.

    I think Moses just has to play more direct more often and then I think he will see the benefit of that. His confidence will rise and he'll be calmer and the erratic passing will disappear. I saw him play a bit more direct last week after the early part of the game where we lacked patience. Hopefully Joey can point that out to him and he puts in an improved display against West's.

    RCG needs to get back to the early season form he had when he was terrifying opposition packs and playing long minutes. I thought Lane played with more intent last week when he was moved off the left edge. We are also missing Marata Niukore's strong running coming off the bench and Sivo was better last week.

    If all the players lift their individual efforts we will play a lot better and the lack of confidence will disappear. Those who are putting all the blame on MM are missing the point. 

  • Possibly an overreaction

  • Keep. be patient. good things to come!


  • I think we will keep improving. We will finish top 4 and I believe that we'll give penrith a really tough game. Regards to Moses he is a keeper with Andrew in his corner this week and helping at training he will play close to last years form.

  • Think it' should depend on how Mitchell manages over the next couple of high pressured crucial weeks that should determine whether he gets another contract here on not... hope that's the measure used and not just for him either. 

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