• What should parra do with Moses? Do we keep him and think his going to lead us to a premiership or do parra shop him around like they were in 2018 before he had a tough one on one with BA. I say give him back to the tigers and we can have benji for cheap and spend the rest somewhere else, maybe go after staggs or another aggressive forward. 

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  • He was the Dally M halfback of the year last year.

    This year he has been hampered with a leg injury and the loss of his halves partner. 

    If you ditch Mitch we will back to square one and fighting it out for that last spot in the top 8.

    Look at it this way. He is injured and his halves partner is out but we are still in the top 4.

    I can understand the calls to ship him off if we were at the bottom of the table but for Christ's sake we are top 4!

    • He cannot handle big games and hype 

  • Keep him.
    His talent is there and was clear and present in the first half of the season.
    The coaching staff needs to figure out what's happened since then. Fix it what's going wrong and understand why it happened in the first place so they know when to get ahead of it in the future. Then, develop and build on his weaknesses.

    We wouldn't be having this conversation if he was playing as he did in the first half of the season. Also, his defence has improved remarkably, no reason his attack can't either.

  • Resigning Moses is a waste of time, same with BA

    Honour thier contracts and then see ya later.. 

    • Very reasoned and fair response Mick.

      Painful as that may turn out to be.

      • Cheers Col 

  • Been carrying an injury, been the sole playmaker recently, has received poor to average service from dummy half and is in bit of a form slump. He'll come good again. No doubt about it.


    • Yes Hilly, you are pretty right....the way the leg has fallen out from under him suggests it has been a bigger issue than many understand.......

      I believe he was asked to play a general role and not run because BA knew no body else could do it from the halves. It was never something that could be made public as it would only draw attention.

      As an aside Bankwest has become a skating rink and I think a lot of players have lacked confidence on the surface.

      I am almost wishing for away games now because I don't think our players are confident on it, especially Moses.

      The personal criticism's from this site over specifically Moses never ceases to amaze me.....he is already the best half we have had since Sterling and we have people who should know better wanting to get rid of him.....I am looking at you Mick who I expected more from......some of the other rabbits, you wouldn't bother. Frankie has a thing about Moses and we have heard all the rhetoric but even he knows we haven't got anyone better.

      •  spot on Poppa. MM only got let off the leash against the broncos, he got a bit excited and pushed a few things but it gives him a couple of weeks to run into form

        • He gets a bit excited every week mate, that's the reason he can never seal games for us.

          Time for him to go !

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