More of the same next year

Same coach, same assistants, no Fergo or Lussick, and  no new signings. Is it just me or will we finish around the same spot next year or worse? I wish I had TCTs confidence. One  final question. How the hell have the dogs squeezed all these new signings into the salary cap? 

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      • Most of those payers were signed, sealed & delivered well before Gus was appointed by the Dogs.

        • Brett we've been over this , theyd signed about 3 players before Gus was in the picture. Most were signed after his official media release , then you can add a month or two before that where you'd assume sometime within that timeframe he had presented his plans to them and the wheels were in motion. 

          Gould first denied he was in talks with Canterbury in March , he denied it again in June and then made it official on the 16th July. 

          Almost everyone has signed post Gould's official release , as soon as he signed the flood gates opened.


          • Gus was first approached by the Dogs earlier in the year but was still working for the Warriors and told them no. He was actually in NZ working for the Warriors as late as the end of July, it was only after it was apparent that he wasn't going to be able to do much for the Warriors due to COVID, and the Dogs asking him again at this time that he agreed to become their GM, and even then he didn't start work for them until the end of the regular season.

            Matt Burton was signed last year.

            Jack Hetherington was signed last year.

            Brent Naden was announced in April.

            JAC was signed last year.

            Matt Dufty was signed in July.

            TPJ signed in July, and I remember it was a week before Gus was announced.

            Paul Vaughn was signed at the end of July.

            Of those, only Matt Dufty, TPJ & Paul Vaughn were signed after Gus started with the Dogs, and only by a few days, I doubt he had much input into those negotiations.



            • Gus initiated and chose who the Dogs would be signing well before he joined the warriors. Joining the warriors was only a plan to cover his tracks as to not be seemed as someone who would raid his old club. Don't be fooled, Gus was always going to the dogs. Yes the world works in mysterious ways.

              Gus had his hands on the dogs cap as soon as Barrett arrived two years back.

  • Parramatta have too pull there socks up before they fall off the rails and we go back to square one. 

  • Lussick played a handful of games did bugger all to be honest as for  fergo big loss but seeing dunster in that final think he is more than capable of taking he's spot . As for signings it's  been a less than a week after the season  wouldn't stress to much  about it

  • Yep, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome, is the very definition of madness.

    Seems near enough is good enough for those in charge at our club.

  • Was hoping sterlo might come on board as a analyst and mentor the side , a motivater

  • One more season without more progress and then you simply have to change the coach. He's done an outstanding job but if he can't achieve the goal the club so wants and deserves, then someone else must get a turn. 
    Only us and the Titans yet to win the premiership in the last 30 years. I'm sick of saying "next year"

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