Moeroa to debut for The Waratahs

Tepai Moeroa will make his Super Rugby debut for The Waratahs off the bench tonight against The Auckland Blues.
Playing in Newcastle starting at 6:15pm.
Lets hope he goes well. 

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  • Good luck  Tep.....hang on , who?.


    Just kidding hope he goes great.

    • If he plays with the aggression he showed early he will do great

  • He should go well, back to his roots.

    • Yes, we would all like to see him do well....unfortunately he was badly handled as a young player and it is one of the few criticisms that BA has in my eyes, i.e. playing the kid with a bung shoulder when he should have been put in the paddock for a season.

  • Seen some photos, he looks lean, which he'll need to be as he'll be playing at 12 or 13.

    • He played a lot of his junior rugby in the centres and was recognised as such, when I first came on to this site I suggested when we were short of a centre or two that is where we should play him. Never doubting that his long term future was in the pigs.

      Its ironical that it has turned around like you have said Brett.

This reply was deleted.

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