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Im posting this blog in the hope that it may clear up any concerns that anyone on this great site regarding the 'Moderators' and their position and responsibility of 'Moderating' the site and assisting 'Super'. Myself and BEM are at this stage been given this responsibility if people were not already aware of this prior to this blog then everyone should be now. Myself and BEM are limited in our responsibilities as 'Moderators' and do not at this stage have the authority to just 'shut down' blogs, suspend those who continually break the 'Code of Conduct' or delete comments that are inappropriate. We can however monitor blogs and warn people of any inappropriate comments and give them the opportunity to respond to either apologise and alter their comments or both before we radically delete, suspend or shut down even IF we had the authority to do so. We are aware that not everyone may be pleased with the processes we take but I can guarantee we will endeavour to do our best and to be in alignment with the 'Code of Conduct' but also be supportive and diplomatic in our dealings with ALL members whether theyve been on the site for years of if they are new and finding their way. Please understand that both myself and BEM are both new to this role and we are also endeavouring to find our feet. So please be patient and show us some grace please. We appreciate your support, advice in doing our job and in continuing to make this site a great place. We can not do this on our own it is a whole team effort.

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  • Grace Kelly


    • Gee, shes gorgeous !

    • Ida Lupino.

      IDA LUPINO in Green Bathing Suit | Sexy Cheesecake 8x10

      • He said show them some Grace not Idas

        • Would Ida give me some grace?

        • Ida No wot grace is Slugg.

          My mum used to insist we said grace at dinner but ..................... Ida thort I couldn't show it.

      • Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct" (1992). | Sharon stone, Sharon stone  photos, Basic instinct

        • Is the same woman Tad ?

          She looks good in that photo.

          • Sharon Stone mate. I like women with a bit of sexual mystery about them... Well ---maybe in the old days. I am more interested in other things these days.


              • Gorgeous nose.

This reply was deleted.

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