Moan, Moan, Moanly

The Moaners seem to run the media and NRL.

Something else to moan about this week. Sick of the commentators saying they were robbed against us. If the ball goes forward regardless of whetther it comes backwards out of the hand the refs have been calling it forward for years. Like Gutho against the Broncos and many more. They were not robbed against us and only got back in the game because of a string of 50/50 calls all in their favour.

Wonder if they get another apology from the NRL this week

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  • It was a tough and gritty win from Newcastle, no ball in the second half and no reserves yet they still hung on.


    Unfortunately all we will hear all week is how Moanly were robbed.  They had a heap of chances to win that game and on the whole were crap.

  • The NRL ignored the fact walker knocked on against us, the ref called no try, the video ref forgot to check all angles and pressed green. Normally I wouldnt care but annoying that the media just ignore it for a "robbed" news story that only served to frustrate manly fans and make them put tin hats on.

    Newcastle were robbed of a try today too from another flat floated forward pass. manly fans will ignore that too.

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    • It should of been a penaly but to be fair fuck Manly!!   They got enough piggy backs that second half to win 20 games.

      • Exactly.

        The refs must've had money on them cause they kept getting piggy back after piggy back that 2nd half.

      • Absolutely Al.

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    • This try should've been disallowed so let's call even Cunts.

    • Manly fans ignore this. They like to pretend they don't know the interpretation of the ball security rule. Please note manly fans - you cannot lose control of the ball and guide it down with a finger. You can guide it down with a finger if it wasn't otherwise in your control (if there is no separation at all). But yeah, if you have it, drop it and then guide it down just before the ground with a finger and bounce it, it's a no try.

  • Who cares. It's Manly.

    You make your own luck.

    We have been on the receiving end of bad/50:50 calls for years.

  • Knights got pulled up for a forward pass EXACTLY the same as the one TTurbo threw in our game. No one is talking about that at all. 
    Yes the incident on full time was a penalty but so what? Plenty of decisions throughout the game that were suspect. 
    Maybe Manly should play every minute like it's the 79th minute and they may score a few more points. 

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