Mixed Messages from BA

Shoutout to Ben Ikin for calling out BA's bullshit.

Pregame interview he went on about his usual crap about front loading our effort and starting fast, and as Ikin said after the game last week he was talking about patiently building a game plan. As Ikin said, this is a mixed message and the players are confused and not on the same page.

Anyway, after we front loaded the effort and led 16-0 today, lets hope thats enough to get us home with a 4 point led at half time to show for it. The coach is completely incompetent, any one who can't see it is blindly optimistic and not looking.

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                • Same point I just made Poppa in a response to your latest comment to me.  Fast becoming one of the biggest farkwits on this site. You lecture and preach more than my bloody wife!  Trust me, that says ALOT.

                  • I hurt by that EE "fast becoming"  I have been one of the biggest fuckwits for ages"

                    Don't worry but, it is water of a ducks back.....your wife sounds like a very nice person and I look forward to me meeting her  when you invite me over for Xmas lunch. Lol

                • Pops i think ya one of the dumb ones on here, who seems to think his posts are intelligent and witty. So uhm no think i will post what i think. But a dumb arse like you will read and respond.

                • Hey dickhead, so me and alot of others are morons. It's a clown like you who thinks were in 3rd spot may end up 5th but thats ok. To bad that were playing shit footy, natural improvement like halves getting better combos, more cohesion, trust  game plans, Nah best a dick like you can come up with is but were 3rd.Because we haven't improved we could be 5th in 2 weeks.

                • They only come out when they loose... when they win they say shit. In fact they mention how well the players are playing so they start attacking the rotation or the bench. That’s when they are winning. When they loose its back to BA & they have all the answers. Dick heads that are like a bunch of woman that know f$&k all. 

                  • They also come out when we win with more negativity, haven't you noticed, no one wants to lose obviously, we have the team on paper, it's just a matter of applying themselves to their full potential and the potential is there somewhere.

                    • Well from what I’m seeing... Bennett a shit coach. 

                    • Tend to agree Tin, time he did a Gould and became a Footy Manager, I think he has reached his Use By date as a coach.

        • It's encouraging that your seeing Moses having a crack at the line.

          Warriors for all there woes are one of the form teams in the comp.

          Youll never win when you have the devoted come on here with the I told you so attitude brissy.Nothing constructive comes from it.

          I sit and laugh at this as Penrith had as much trouble with this team a few weeks ago and there winning the comp.Yet when we beat them UGLY it's an issue but nothing comes of it bar criticism though some is valid.

          You just got a few on here who just don't like BA and it seems there mission every week to post 100s of posts about it.

          • Yes throw Moses into that crop as well......some people are never happy....of all the doomsday experts on here I do not hear to many that seem to have played or coached....

            The ones that do stand out! then we just have genuine Parra supporters that want to see their team do well.....is that too much to ask?

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