Mixed Messages from BA

Shoutout to Ben Ikin for calling out BA's bullshit.

Pregame interview he went on about his usual crap about front loading our effort and starting fast, and as Ikin said after the game last week he was talking about patiently building a game plan. As Ikin said, this is a mixed message and the players are confused and not on the same page.

Anyway, after we front loaded the effort and led 16-0 today, lets hope thats enough to get us home with a 4 point led at half time to show for it. The coach is completely incompetent, any one who can't see it is blindly optimistic and not looking.

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            • I was to busy with ur mum 

            • Wow 36 years ago lol might be longer with your dady in charge 

              • Daddy you blip brain!

                • The idiot can't spell you're  or your how can expect him to get daddy right. 

          • 34 years if we don't win it this year, and that in itself is doubtful, but one can only hope i guess.....

            • robert summers: I don`t want to be a nark but probably the worst thing a human can do is to reduce everything to hope! There is no point in hoping--I know because I do it too! The thing to do is to stand up and do something about it, not hope something may happen. As you say 34 years of hope and nothing achieved. I know because I have done it too. I rationalize that my suggestions and criticism may hit the mark and bring about change! It is a pretty poor thing that I do but it is marginally better than hope. I would much love to pull on a pair of boots and go onto the field and show what they should do, but at 87 that is beyond contemplation.

              • Luckily Robert you are more fortunate than most of it and I must admit I am feeling it coming on as well!

                What's that you say? You know waking up every morning and not remembering a fcuking thing about what happened yesterday.

                • When was yesterday?

                  I can't remember.

                  • Ask Sleepy Joe Biden that.!!

                • I get your drift, but that's not going to stop me from supporting this great club, i will always remain loyal. I'm not like some of the ''defeatists'' on this site, if they feel that strongly about it they should support another club.!! Most Eels fans feel some frustration from time to time that's uinderstandable, i would say the long ''title'' drought is one of them. We can't dwell in the past i grant that, but hopefully we can take some positives out of it and forge towards the future.

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