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Just remember the dark place Mitch Moses was in last year being told in the off- season to find another team. Thankfully he didn't are he and we are reaping the rewards.

If he can master marshaling the team around the park and improve his kicking options he can become the best half in the game.

The world is your oyster, Mitch. Claim, it champ!

P.S He's also the youngest of all at 24 when the next youngest is 27.

P.S.S BIAS ALERT. Yeah..he's also my favorite Parra player and I don't hide it.

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  • Definately much better than a halfback who put on 26 try assists for the opposition. 

  • I love to have keary i think thats how you spell it yes he on 24 n mitch on 25 but love to have him

    • Keary has been the best half this year.

      He's done the above having only played 11 games

    • To much of a liability it seems like he is always concussed 

  • Parrafan, Agree. It's great to see the improvement in the sometimes fan-maligned, sometimes inconsistent Moses. Let's hope he can  take his game to the next level and continue to improve and develop; his game management skills, patience and composure. Not just use his dangerous running game. And to do that when the team is under the pump and in bigger games. 

    What I really like about Moses is he's a sore loser and is taking more responsibility for his own game. When Jack Wighton ran over the top of him to score he banged the ground in disgust. And when the game was in the balance he took it upon himself to score. When interviewed by 2GB after the game he said he didn't praise himself, but instead assigned blame on himself for Canberra's 16-0 start. If you watch replays he also follows the ball and is often ready to support the play, both is attack and defence. Little details.

    That's a great improvement in his attitude.  Let's hope he can continue it and improve even further.

    • Your assessment is spot on.

      Still plenty of work to be done but time is his ally.

      The fact that he cancelled his holiday post season to Vegas and was seen kicking balls in a park tells me he wants to improve and succeed. If only we could assign both him and Dylan Brown a proper full time halves coach I think he would go to the next level sooner than later.


  • Moses is a competitor. Sometimes it leads to overplaying his hand. That’s about the only criticism I have of him now though. His defence is fine for a halfback now where that used to be a concern. 

    He and Dylan Brown are a very good young halves combination. 


  • Moses will improve the more the spine plays together.

    It just feels like he’s trying to do too much which isn’t all on him.

    Gotta hope Brown progresses and takes some of the heat off of Moses which will make him even more dangerous.

  • Still has a long way to go but definitely improving 

  • How many missed tackles, poor tackle 5 options and poor kick options ? Just curious.

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