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  • Another waisted night. Dragged myself out of bed with the flu to be there as I felt it would be the last time. Wrong again. 

  • Let me guess ?

    Andrew Eagleston

    • Speaking of Andrew, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I enjoyed hearing Max say after andrew spoke, that it was the worst dribble he had ever heard or something to that effect. Max also told andrew instead of threatening legal action, to either do it or go away. Made Andrew look like a real goose deservedly. 

  • Forget the coach, board, CEO. This is the real reason Parra will forever underachieve

  • Look, I'm a long way out of my depth with what happens with the various factions and in-fighting, but am I missing something here? Wasn't Max appointed as Administrator by Liquor and Gaming given the seriousness of our breaches? If so, and he's given the members ample opportunity to vote for the reforms that he deems necessary to take the Club forward but failed, can't Liquor and Gaming just step in and just impose the Constitutional reform otherwise they'll pull the Licence? Surely enough is enough and there's an obvious faction there that will never allow the change to occur. Do it or lose your licence seems a logical response from Liquor and Gaming.


    • Agreed. The members (collectively) have shown they are incapable of fixing this issue. We can't go on forever like this. Don't they understand that Max will just continue on as Administrator and the club will continue to have to pay him his fees?

    • I thought so too. I hope the Government now step in and ram home these reforms. 

    • The big issue is that Clubs NSW will strongly oppose any such intervention, as it will create a very serious precedent. Technically it could be done, and with the NSW state election done, it might be a little more likely, but if the only sticking point is the election or appointment of the initial board, and I believe that is the only sticking point now, it would seem unlikely that ILGA will intervene. 

  • The point is now we have to go down on Monday 37th May and vote to stop a factional takeover. 

    • The next step is to vote down the 27 May proposal, then pressure the State Govt to just ram the new constitution home. I'm so sick of this. The factional infighting has prevented moving us forward, the members are incapable of coming to an agreement. We are left with no other option than to have State Gov involvement.

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