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Now Brad Fittler is having a crack at Klein. Klein has been rubbish for years and I reckon he refereed nearly half of our games this year. As soon as he crosses the Roosters everyone comes out swinging. You can't tell me this doesn't have an influence on how Klein referees Roosters matches moving forward. I know it's been spoken about a lot on here but Parramatta really need to look at how to influence the media so we don't keep getting dicked by the NRL. There are a number of issues we should have been firing at the NRL this year through the media

1. why wasn't Matto allowed to reverse his decision and take a fine. Asking a player to make a decision 3 days after his biggest disappointment of his career (losing a gf)  is pretty shit then not allowing him to reverse course is bullshit. Would the NRL let Munster do this?

2. The draw. Whilst it was discussed in the media it wasn't really made a big deal of. Playing all those teams off a buy early in the season then not getting a bye during the origin period is just unacceptable 

3. The DB saga. He should not have been stood down on the no fault policy crap. How he ends up with 7 weeks and Taylah May only got 2 weeks ( which he was able to serve not during a finals period) just smacks of typical bullshit inconsistency.

4. Referee appointments. Why was Klein appointment to Parra games 9 or 10 games this season? Seems a little odd. 


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  • 1. Would Matterson have wanted to reverse his decision? I mean really. He made the choice to pay the fine, I can respect standing by it. It was a dumb choice to begin with but at least stand by it.

    2. It seemed bias but ultimately it seemed dumb. And borderline dangerous. Considering they talk about player welfare. But barring a few other things that didn't go our way the three byes at the back end of the season could have been the best thing for us.

    3. Why shouldn't Dylan have been stood down. He messed up. He's owned his mistake and will learn from it. I don't personally drink but I can't imagine the alleged amount of alcohol would be healthy for anyone to consume. Dylan is still young, has a big career ahead of him. Own it, learn, and move on.

    4. Klein is one of the most senior referees. And realistically they're really aren't all that many in the modern game. I don't buy into this "the ref is against us" nonesense. If it was the case then someone would have made it obvious. Reporters love making a name for themselves.

    • 1. He tried to have it reversed. He made a dumb emotional decision 3 days after losing GF, I can understand that.

      2. My point is if it happened to the roosters, Annesly or Abdo or whoever would've lost their job. It would've a 10 week news cycle. Guess what it didn't happen to the Roosters, it happened to us.

      3.  Don't have a problem with him getting punished, but I should be consistent with other penalties handed out. Taylah May could have killed that bloke or put him in a wheelchair and only got 2 weeks for his troubles. Burgess was not stood down for a similar offence.

      4. Klein is copping it in the media this week why? Because the Roosters copped the raw end of the stick. Tell me that's not going to influence Klein when he referees Roosters games in the future. Robinson practically called Cummins a cheat a few years back and the media didn't defend the ref, they put up statistics to show why he might be right.

      My point overall is the better run clubs manage the media to their advantage. 

      • Personally I don't rate Matterson highly anyway. Would he have made a significant difference had he played in those games anyway? Probably not.

        We got punished, or if you want to see it a different way 'tested'. Because we made the final. Like I said it was dangerous for the players having back to back rested teams play against them. But I can also see it from the other side. It was the first month of the season. Players shouldn't need that break anyway. Although yes it was a questionable decision.

        It's hard to compare what Dylan did and got punishment wise as it's different scenarios. The NRL has to show a strong defence of women in those scenarios. I'm not saying it's not bad but I'm honestly more concerned with how much Brown had to drink. That's borderline alcohol poisoning.


        • I think Angry Eel wins that debate hands down.

          He has spoken realalistically and you BB have spoken subjectively and ruined your whole argument by rating Matto, who in the time he was back was and is one of our best forwards. But that is not the point it was not about how good or not Matto is.

          • OK? I wasn't aware I was arguing. I was just making a personal opinion. And I don't see how him playing those first few games would have made any difference. Again, that's my opinion. One of our best forwards though. Really? We don't have many forwards at this point so who do you consider to be our forwards? Because I'd say Matterson is about the middle of them all. Average. That's it.


            • We will never know if he would have made a difference but we lost our first 3 games by 4 points. Instead of Matto, we had Muchie and Momosia playing. You can't tell me that Matto wouldn't have had more of an impact than those 2 players combined. Either way it wasn't really the point of my post. The point is unless we start using the media to our advantage, we are not going to be afforded the same advantages that teams that do eg. The Roosters. The squeeky wheel gets the oil.

              • I was replying to Poppa, who seemingly came out of nowhere to argue, for the sake of arguing.

                But in response to your statement regarding the Matterson fine debacle. I wasn't aware you were allowed to change your punishment anyway. And no i don't think they would let Munster change the decision honestly. Unless it was around finals time and the "FANS" would be robbed of such a spectacle of seeing him play. But even then probably not. So i stand by my original statement it was his choice. He chose a couple of thousands of dollars over his team. I don't get it but I'll support his choice. I don't personally think media bias or agenda would have changed the outcome honestly.


  • It was funny seeing the Roosters get some crappy calls. I remember the first game the eels played them this year. We got shafted with multiple six agains and a sin bin. It was a good game until the ref stuffed it. 

  • Klein is a terrible ref I've been saying this for years. He's not deliberately biased but he has a very poor feel for the game which is why teams like the Storm who employ ruck slowing and wrestling  tactics etc love being reffed by him. He blows random penalties getting teams out of trouble when they have no right to them and he doesn't seem to understand when a team is dominating the ruck. 

    I just don't get why he's considered the top ref 

    • I think your right ME, he has a habit of playing the game rather than reffing it.

      If Roosters had won the game by him not  giving Storm the obvious penalty for the head contact by Walker the game would have been in crisis as a result.....a teams' season would have been finished by a blantant and indefensible mistake.....yes they make mistakes but 99/100 that was a penalty all season. If that was Parra this site would have broken down in overload.

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