Matterson charge has been down graded, may just line up on Saturday night. Will be sorely missed , can assume Bellaxhe will be calling for suspension

Right side defence better be talking at training this week, Melb will tear em a new one otherwise

can anyone confirm Andrew Davey to Manly, gotta keep him, fuck the dollars, he is exactly what's required

bet he gets a starting spot v Melb

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  • Matto will play on Saturday night. I have not seen or heard anything official from either club on Davey

  • Hope they keep Davey as well. 

  • Do you want to know what makes Melbourne great ?

    They let the Andrew Davey’s of this world walk when they get bigger offers elsewhere. They never overpay to keep edge forwards & outside backs. 

    • Or, they keep them on a second payroll, under a second set of books!

      • LOL BM

    • They also have a system in place that manages to turn discarded or journeyman forwards into top shelf forwards in next to no time. Just look at how many average forwards went to the Storm, became world beaters, then left the Storm and looked fairly average again.

      If you can keep your spine in tact and put most of your planning around that, and then have systems that manage to get the best out of forwards so you can just keep churning them out - that's the way to stay long term consistent.

      Agreed though, letting Davey go is the exact right thing to do. Same as you'd do in any company, you can't have a company that solely exists of high paid senior execs so not everyone can rise to the top - but if you can create a company that becomes a talent factory, then it's sustainable to let people outgrow you and move on.

      • Exactly, and I say that as a huge Andrew Davey fan

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