• Development is development Al not everyone does it at the same rate.

          Maybe at the time they let the Poodles swoop Doorey didn't show the signs he's shown for us to garner that interest to keep him.

          Many things may have changed in his life for him to get to that next level.

          I mean it's a tough game this development gig.

          I for the most part think all these kids are told too much horse shit to early and aren't given the time to mentally and physically mature.Which makes it a even harder to project what someone maybe.


          • Curran was another one. The Chooks poached him for their development squad, he played two years in NYC/Flegg and one game in first grade and then they let him go to NZ.

            • And can't get a run

        • The way you and chiefy carry on one would think we had a bunch of veterans playing for us but in reality we don't have a forward over 27. Our pack is only about to peak. we have our first premiership window in a long time coming up and you can't  see it

        • 😃😃

    • Bush won't be there next year 

      • You sound like you know what your talking about Big dEEl....... they only thing wrong with that is we all know you don' there another way you can communicate away from these pages?

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