Matt Burton

The Eels most disappointing player in the last 4 weeks has been MM. If possible i would like to see him moved on.I know he was DM 7 in 2019, but he has fallen back into his old ways. Against the Broncos he was less than average, apart from his 5 mistakes, realy dumb passes, and he NEVER takes ownership of the forwards, he should drop into first reciever 2nd and 3rd direct forwards to open up where he intends to attack.

Either way i would like to see the Eels chase Matt Burton. This kid can play and for less than MM i think offers more.

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Dumb and dumber

      • Good to see the dumest Wong comented. 

        • How many wongs are there?

          • Well there is the one that spells dumbest as ' dumest" and there is the other one who can't say dumber because he is the dumbest of the pair!

  • Yeah I really like this kid

    Would definitely be worth an enquiry.

    Moses is a very good half but for whatever reason is playing well below last years form.

    • Why should Moses play good football? Who is his competition for his spot?


      • Good point Don 

  • Yess fully agree, but ba won't release him Burton' definitely would be a good option 

  • So my thing is Matt Burton is a unproven player hasn't played a full season.

    Now you want to put him next to Dylan Brown another inexperienced player who hasn't played a full nrl season.

    I don't think switching out the spine on regular basis is a recipe for success.

    I mean it's a fair point about Moses's form he needs to go better and be more consistent but changing him out for a guy that's done nothing seems like sucide to me.It surely isn't a recipe for success in my eyes.

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