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Rumours are getting stronger, word has it he has fallen out with Trobojovic brothers.

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Heard Cronulla are favourites

from what i know, it will be announced during the off season... definitely true that he has fallen out with a bunch of manly players.

It's more than a rumor. Some player's, his management etc. He is moving. Let's pray it's us
Chances are parra will end up with crighton or taupau. Rumour is the reason roosters havent annouced crighton is nrl wont ok his contract until they prove they can fit him undsr the cap they wanted it ok and said they would release the amount of players at season end requires but aftwr dogs salary cap stuff up they werent taking any chances. Parra has already enquired about both likely if rooster cant get crighton approved they will chase tapaua on cheaper money

Bondi sombrero is finally full is it?

Well Crichton is definitely at the Chooks. Deal is done. Approved by the NRL.

I will be coming if he is coming.

Will totally transform our side.

Alan you sick kent.
you need help.

I've tried, the docs can't help me.

That's ok...just think of something gross. Like Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day.

You could do worse!

Just imagine her saying in her pompous Pommie voice:

"I say. That's a mighty fine specimen of a penis you carry between your shanks. Yiesss. Now go fight for me in the Falklands"

The Griswolds will be happy if this happens


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