Manly v Parra

Manly were very impressive today.....but I still think we will beat them.Dogs were woeful, and I have the confidence in our defense now especially on the edges where Manly were breaking through, and it feels good to be able to say that for a change.

I think it will be a great game, and close maybe Eels 14 to 8.  home crowd bringing us home.

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  • Dangerous team but they remind me of us in some respects.

    There discipline with the footy isn't there like us.

    Last night was a great example for me they should have put 50 on the Dogs but they were trying to score off of every set instead of rolling there sleeves up and just getting to their kick.

    Outside of that they can be very dangerous.

    Injury will be a key if you see a few key guys go down I don't believe they have the depth.

  • Manly will be our 1st true test this year. Forget about the 3 wins we bagged, those teams were average to say the least.....and yes that inlcudes the Broncs (who I think have a very average coach).

    If we can't beat sides like Manly, Roosters and Raiders, don't waste your money on Parra to win the premiership this year.      

  • If the Eels can stop the Manly fullback (one of the brothers,) and their number 7 and dominate in the Forwards then I the Eels should win. I felt Sivo was playing at his best last week. Eels to win for me.

  • Should be a cracker of a match. I do believe we have the wood on them.

    Tom Turbo is the difference however and his runs through the middle are so hard to contain. The rest of the team I think we have covered. If we go at Walker and control the ball we'll go ok. Eels by 8.

    • This game will tell us a lot about both teams. 

      • Monts, I thought Sivo had a very average game apart from that great try. He made several mistakes, but he will be better for the run.


  • Tturbos passing game is superb, he is a great fullback, Teddy will always be nsw no.1 but Turbo is just as good in fact I think his pass is better.

  • Tommy Turbo and the Mormon Ripper carved us up (pun slightly intended) last start at Brooky. We don't have to deal with as potent a threat from their spin this time around but I think they are still going to go with a similar strategy i.e. quick service at the ruck with the intention of getting our big forwards to do a lot of work early, disjoint our defensive lines through the speed and direction of their attack, and then get the pill out to either DCE or Turbo who'll be on opposite sides of the ball. Throw in the new rules, and consider the slight success Brisbane had when they took our line on and we've got all the makings of the first proper defensive test for this roster this year. We failed the same test last year. How we perform this time will say alot about how much footy intelligence we've accrued in the last 12 months.

    • Who's the Morman Ripper?

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