• Sad to hear that. Good luck at St Helens Joey

  • Not a surprise really. He's better than a backup hooker. Deserves a starting spot. Surprised an NRL club didn't go in for him. Hopefully Nathaniel Roache's body is right next year and Kyle Schneider comes through a bit more.

    • Matthew Arthur  🪂 

      • Haha Bert 

        • It's not funny Tad - it's probably true..

          • People laughed at me when I said Jakob would be parachuted into the top 30 this year & then into the starting side at the first opportunity. 

            If BA is here beyond 2022, Matthew will be 🪂 too. Watch this space. 

          • Hi Frank  I hope you're return from your religious retreat will be  a good omen for us

            • I've never been much of a religious person but I found god many times during my

              He answered my prayers whilst I was gone so hopefully he can keep up the good work now that we can smell the finish line.

              • Calling out "God,oh God" is NOT a prayer, and that thing that happens right after you "smell the finish line" is NOT his gift to you.


                • Heisen your back..... a religious retreat aye!

                  You sure you weren't taken by Aliens!


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