Luke Brooks

They were saying on 360 last night Tigers may want to offload him and pay some freight. Would he go any good at hooker? 

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    • Mitch was outstanding against the Roosters fool. 

      • Keet has a thing against Moses, in her fantasies she feels she knows all these boys. When she takes a set against you look out....she is a nasty little Budgie!

        • Poppa all I said was Moses is no way a million dollar player.  Nothing nasty in that not many players are.  Adam Reynolds  is on 750 and I bet Chad Townsend, Keary or Hughes not million dollar players either.  Whats nasty about that you have just said Brooks is a 400 player but I can't comment?  Your way or the highway.  

          • If Moses went on to the market, he would command a mil$. 

            • Her friend Carlo wanted Corey Norman to stay over Moses, so no real surprise there.

          • geez you are deluded - so you don't rate moses up there with hunt, brooks, ponga? i know who i would rather have, and it aint one of them 3

      • Brett Allen if your talking to me I didn't say he didn't in fact probably his best game for Eels. 

        • He's been outstanding, consistently so I might add, for the last 4 seasons. He's been getting incrementally better every year to the point where I wouldn't swap him for any halfback in the league. 

  • no thanks, what a joke

  • I wouldn't mind him as our 14. Wonder what BA could do to his defence. Secondly, he will be a much better back up than fking JA.

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