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  • Hahaha told you he would. Broncos paid his debt, he wasn't going to pay them back playing for another club. This is where the NRL should step in and find out how he paid his debt, but they won't.

    • I'm still waiting for Greenberg to respond to Siebolds claims they were over the cap when he arrived. Just like the Andree Gee BS there's nothing. Absolutely corrupt.


      • The game is so corrupt, everyone can see it even a dumbass like Monto can see it but, the NRL won't do anything unless the club self reports, and even then the punishment won't fit the crime.

      • We'll the let several players go in the begining of the year who were on big coin in Kahu, McGuire, Sims. Roberts and Nikorima gone too few rounds in.

        They have several 18-23 yr olds who aren't on much.

  • Thank god, yes he is the kind of player we need but I just couldn’t find myself cheering for this grub of a human! Would rather Welsh anyways and hope to god the rumours of Jai Arrow come true

    • He made the mistake of his life; he committed a crime few would ever consider. But, what price does he have to pay before he can get on with his life without feeling like he has a price to pay?

      It's a tough one and I must admit, I would struggle to cheer for him in Parra colours.

      I think Chief summed it up nicely in his blog below.

  • Just his effort against us a few weeks ago was enough for me to take the pass on him.  Recent form suggests he is a bigger version of Alvaro.  He is a deadset plodder!!!  

    I would take Welsh, RCG, Ese Ese over this guy any day.  But hey, that’s my assessment.  One thing is for sure Parra need to acquire one or more of these guys moving forward.

  • Lodge carries too much baggage for a club like Parramatta, as we are still recovering our reputation after years of off field dramas.

    The broncos can take a player of his notoriety as they have ample sponsors to choose from. Parramatta dodged a bullet 

  • The Thoroughbreds, whoever they are, are apparently too powerful for the NRL. It’s been happening for years. Google search ‘broncos salary cap thoroughbreds’. Throw in News Lmt as well. It’s dodge. 

  • Good. Someone else's problem when he inevitably screws up again and drags the club through the headlines. Not worth the risk.

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