Little if any chance

I have read/watched just about every news article, blog, and podcast and everyone is predicting a comfortable Panthers victory. Has anyone else noticed this?

Most would be worried by this but this is exactly what will suit the Eels as they are at their best with the "backs against the wall mentality".



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  • I think outwardly they are confident but behind closed doors they would be worried about which Eels turn up.

    We would be the team they least want to play on Sunday IMO.

    • "I think outwardly they are confident but behind closed doors they would be worried about which Eels turn up"

      isn't that just about every Parra fan as well? 

      • I was referring to the players moreso than the fans.

        The fans are confident inwardly and outwardly. They can't concieve that their side can or would lose.

  • End of the day Penrith won 4 games more than us with 6 games without there Star half. They'd be favourites against any of the other teams with most teams not given much of a chance.

    saying that we weren't given much of a chance in any of the 3 matches against them this year and won in two so we've shown we can pull off the upset

  • Yea its deflating at times hearing panthers win 

  • Well the expectation is there for Penrith to win. What about Parra in 2001, weren't we expected to win? And look what happened, the Knights blew us off the park in the first 20 minutes. We clawed our way back, but it was too big a mountain to climb.

    The 2nd game this year showed how you beat them. You have to play some footy and get them frustrated. If you get into the grind, like we did in the 1st final, then they will just lap it up. Use the 2001 GF as inspiration on how to beat the favourites. Blow them off the park early, and they will start 2nd guessing themselves. 

    Souths were on their way, but blew it late in the 2nd half. I'm thinking our boys may be just that bit hungrier.

    • Yes, Penrith get frustrated if things don't go their way - similar to the Storm. Souths frustrated them in the first half last week. Penrith's first two tries were lucky, one off a charge down and another off an intercept. 

  • We are the underdog.

    We will win because we want it more. 


    Go boys , kill!!!!


  • Not expecting to win is when the eels play better. They never win when cocky. 

  • Parra is a massive chance with the extra long break they have had since Friday.

    At the training day they were all bouncing around, joking, having fun. They dont look like a team carrying a burden and looked primed to go. They have had a long week to prepare and focus on what they have to do. 

    I am getting more confident as the week goes on that we will get over the Panthers. This group of players love being given no chance

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