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So thought of something, this is fantasy and for pure discussion purposes, let's say a player who has signed elsewhere (Reed for argument sakes) their deal did not go through, leaving us able to re-sign them obviously Parramatta would low ball them again as a up yours but let's say Reed took 450K and stayed how would the fans react after what has unfolded over the last 24 hours?

There will be relief and hatred i imagine, followed by some hypocrisy and backtracking.

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              • What? Are you a pilot? or am I a bit slow, picking up on Wiz humour?

      • If supporting a team was all about winning Parramatta would have lost their fanbase decades ago. Fuck, my kids have never seen them win so they never even would have started following Parra. Why the fuck would you?

        • I saw them win the first GF as kid, I helped destroy Cumberalnd oval that night.

          • I am totally jealous.

            Like, proper jelly!

            If I had access to time travel one of the places I would put myself is right there amongst that destruction. HellsFuckingYeah!

  • It's a tough one because as Eels fans we have stuck solid through some pretty shitty times over the last 30 plus years and here we are, the club with the biggest membership in the NRL last season. Our devotion to the Mighty Eels is non negotiable and the thought of selling out  is unthinkable, So when the players we worship sell out it burns because they are our hero's.

    Gutho ended up re-signing but I still have ill feelings toward him over the way he handled it again. I want the Eels to win the premiership but I also don't want the players that dumped us to be a part of it because they are not like us. Eels suporters are are a very passionate bunch, not like roosters suporters that are happy to buy a premiership but not a membership and I know if we are winning games next season I will still be cheering and it won't hurt as much as it does right now because the wound is still fresh but to feel what we are feeling is natural.

    Traitors, They can all fuck off.

  • Reed wouldn't be stupid enough to sign for 450k.

    You don't think he could get more at the Dolphins/Broncos/Storm/wherever else?

    This blog is fantasy

    • Yes i said it is fantasy? did you read it properly???

  • I'd take him back in a heartbeat. As Jack said " I'd take em from jail if they could win me football matches" (or thereabouts). Until we have a better option he plays 1st grade next year. Still have to have the strongest team on the field. If it's him so be it. If they have someone else in better form, then send him to the reggies. I'm still slightly hopefull that this is a big FU to the doggies for sackinging him years ago and does sing with us. There seems to be a lot of noise around the dogs cap being out already for 2023 and players have to leave. It would also be Ayoub's big FU to the eels to make them stump up more money for Reed.

  • lol, this is a ridiculous hypothetical LB

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