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So thought of something, this is fantasy and for pure discussion purposes, let's say a player who has signed elsewhere (Reed for argument sakes) their deal did not go through, leaving us able to re-sign them obviously Parramatta would low ball them again as a up yours but let's say Reed took 450K and stayed how would the fans react after what has unfolded over the last 24 hours?

There will be relief and hatred i imagine, followed by some hypocrisy and backtracking.

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  • Nah I think he'd be off to dolphins then. besides if it's true that money was equal he chose to leave for a reason. 


  • It's like leaving your wife for a hot little 20 year old only to come crawling back when she dumps you a week later. You choose to go, you be gone, you stay gone.

  • I will be partying brother . I assume though he would not take anything less than our previous highest offer. 

    • It is all hypothetical though, so for argument sake he does is what i am saying haha. Pretty much curious to see how fans will react if it so happens he has to stay.

  • I would be telling him to go fuck himself. Spite has served me well over the years, I won't be changing any time soon :)

    • "spite has served me well"

      Fucking LoL kram, and yes, yes it has

    • you're a bad man, kram.

      and i like it.

  • Eye on the prize!  In your hypothetical scenario, I would  be an adult and welcome him back as he would assist us winning and at the end of the day wining games and a premiership is what it is about. I am more interested in success than wining an argument or protecting ones ego, so welcome back and let's get on with it.  
    I don't see this like a marriage, there is no relationship or love here, it is a professional working relationship. We pay the players what they are worth and they put in their best efforts, done. 

    • I don't agree. Supporting a footy team is all about passion and emotion. It is not ALL about winning premierships and nothing else - if that was the case fans would be supporting one of Melbourne, The Roosters or The Panthers.

      The question was how the fans would react. The fans don't have a "professional working relationship" with the club - thier relationship is built on passion, love and emotion - just like a marriage.

      I agree with ScottX - you be gone, you stay gone.

      • Fair enough. I support the Eels because as a boy I lived in O'Connel St Parramatta. Not for any other reason, I grew up looking at Cumberland oval. So I can't support a "better" team. I want my team to win and that is all I want from them. 
        I am pragmatic about my football team, not as emotionally passionate as others. When I paid my platinum membership for two at Bank West I wanted and expected wins, not a good show and passionately losing. So that is my relationship with the team, I pay my membership, I want them to win and as a fan I would welcome Mahoney back in this hypothetical scenario. 

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