Lavish treatment afforded to SBW

I know this is going to sound trivial but it really doesn't sit well with me this excessive treatment of SBW over and above what other clubs are allowed. Firstly, when we tried to sign God Botherer Folau a few years ago, and had a deal in place to which he agreed, the NRL came in over the top and insisted that the offer was "below market value" and so he went off and signed with Rugby Union. 

Meanwhile, SBW signs on for $200k (albeit in a reduced season) and nothing is said about market value at all.

Then, we fly Fui Fui's son over from Tonga to watch his dad play a footy game - presumably for Fui's mental welfare - and the NRL insist that the expense of the trip in its entireity be included in that year's salary cap, but millionaire Money Bill gets a home gym and a truck load of toys for his kids to play with while he's in isolation! And who knew that 'brown paper bags' have graduated to 'stuffed childrens' toys' these days!!

Don't get me started on the NRL buying Cam Smith's wife a $15,000 diamond ring!

Folks say the Roosters are successful because they look after their people well! Well, it's fine to look after your people well when you can spend money on them without salary cap retailation like every other club experiences!

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  • Mate, It is expected and no one blinks an eye.  But I am prepared to call it now he will be a flop this time around. Injured and no value for money.  Yes he may have icon/legend status etc but age catches everyone and he will be axed every game and it will be relentless.  

    • Paul the chooks have brought SBW not for his playing abilities because as you say age catches up and at 35 he is not going to be anywhere near what he was in 2013, what he will do is Lift the whole club witj his presence at training and on the field, he will be invaluable to their younger forwards and he will bring what Cronk gave them mentally. 

      • Didn't seem to work for the Wolfpack. 

      • The one thing you can't deny about the Chooks is their  club is full of very astute people at all levels - and yes having billionaires on your board is a huge advantage but it's their decision making that really helps them stay at the top.

        im not drawing comparisons but at long last Parramatta are making good decisions (we can debate the odd one here and there) but overall we look like a smarter better run operations.

        Chooks are the benchmark but it's up to us to close the gap and not bitch about how unfair the world is.

        Parramatta is building something, you can see it and feel it, who knows if it will equal premierships - it's very very competitive and no guarantees but at least now we are in the hunt with a real shot at it and not like 2009 miracle but a real well earned shot we've fought to earn

        good luck to the Chooks they make us become better by chasing them and for that you have to be appreciative of what they are as a club.

  • It's totally double standards. For instance, I read that the Storm signed Ricky Leutele from the Toronto Wolfpack, but the deal almost fell through because the NRL objected to his valuation and that he was still signed to the Wolfpack. 
    Sure, deal goes through at the last minute, but the big difference is the NRL bent over backwards to bend every rule and assure the Roosters that SBW could sign. The NRL removes all uncertainty in the SBW talks and that confers a significant advantage. 
    Two different standards. 

  • Fongy agree 100% commercially a great decision. He will no doubt mentor the kids and will be a valuable asset at teh club. But I seriously doubt the playing product will be all that great.  

  • Completely agree 

  • The nrl wonders why viewers are turning away in droves, I have said it before, the cap rorters are robbing legitimate teams and thier supporters of well earned premierships.Last year Raiders, this year Panthers?Eels.The window may only be open for one year , if they win this year and thier roster is as good or better next year , why bother watching?Who could we replace from this years team to make us stronger, sure we could buy a Haas or Fafita but we can't, But Roosters can.we could replace Evans, Stone, Davey, Taka, but who do we buy to ensure that we have a Takeaho or a Toupanua or some other origin or international on the bench and how do we fit them under the cap?The only player of any note coming off contract from the current Roosters 17 at the end of this year is Nat Butcher and he'll stay., so how are they not challenging for 4 in a row when they are allowing players like Keary to sign for less than market value and we are the same or weaker, the Storm lose Smith and Tino, Panthers lose Tamou etc etc. It's a joke and I hope it happens, and the rest of the audience switches off and sends em all broke because allowing them to get away with it again and again and again is just a kick in the teeth for every other club and supporter . Fck em.

  • Spot on and been sayng this for ages about the Roosters and their squad and the SBW just adds further fuel.

  • Yeah I can't stand this double standard by the NRL. SBW showed the game zero loyalty when he quit the dogs and here they are now, rolling out the red carpet whilst blowing him at the same time. It stinks.

    This whole scenario opens up a Pandora's box - let's see how the next superstar signing works for the next club wanting capitalise on this scam.


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