Latest: Mahoney 'touch and go' for Friday's game

Eels hooker Reed Mahoney will be named for Round 18, despite suffering a shoulder injury on Sunday against the Warriors.

Coach Brad Arthur has this morning confirmed the 22-year-old is still touch and go, suffering an AC joint injury, but will be named.

Mahoney underwent scans yesterday, after leaving the field in the 52nd minute. 

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  • Must mean there's no separation in the joint and decent amount of strength to have a chance this week. You don't want to aggravate it but at the same time it'd be great to have him this week.

  • Hope he doesn’t do further injury but mb they will rest him after imp panthers game ?..,

  • I'd be resting him too.

    Infact I'd be giving a lot of guys who have been playing big minutes a rest.

  • Yep still a couple of months of footy (hopefully) to play no point rolling the dice before you have to.

  • I'd say there's a bit of a "mind game" angle to this too - better that the Panthers have to plan for a Reed and/or a Stone situation than just one or the other. Would love to have his speed and running game for the Panthers, but at the same time if he needs rest prior to the finals this is the game to rest him as we're a lower % of wining this game than the others prior to the finals.

  • BA must be playing ducks and drakes with this surely. If he's touch and go , why would you even name him ? 
    it's not a must win game.

  • THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is exactly why I have serious doubts about our Not so Illustrious Third Rate U8s Bush Coach - -pure fukking madness the same as he nearly destroyed Moeroa when he had a shoulder injury. 

    Reed is like Tep and will take the field if asked to - but at what cost.

    Tep was NEVER any good after what Bushy did to him by playing him with a bad shoulder injury that required surgery.

    Where are our supposed medical staff and what have they decided is best for the PLAYER?


    • Actually agree with you on this one.....but maybe BA is playing games with Penrith on this one?

    • The medical staff are the ones who make the call. They're the ones who stopped him returning to the field, they're the ones who had the scans done, they're the one that would have given the info to BA.

      If he's not medically fit, he won't be an option for BA. Our injury management has been one of the best in the NRL this year. Doesn't stop BA from keeping the Panthers harm in that.

      • This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is correct captain. Some shoulder injuries need immediate surgery, some don't, and can be managed. No different to Moses and his calf, can still play as long as it is managed properly. The coach can't overule the medical staff, or player for that matter, as to whether the injury is playable or not. Many players have opted to play out the remainder of the season with similar shoulder injuries, doctors will tell you that you can't do any more damage to it by playing, it all comes down to pain management. 

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