Parramatta Eels backrower Shaun Lane is expected to be hit with a fine for bringing the game into disrepute following an NRL investigation into images that surfaced on Monday night.

The NRL launched an investigation earlier in the week after being made aware of an image of Lane holding a plastic bag with a white substance during what is believed to be the Sea Eagles’ Mad Monday celebrations last year.

However understands Lane denied being in possession or consuming an illegal substance.

It’s believed Lane has a clean record throughout his career despite numerous NRL-sanctioned random recreational drug testing.

Lane, who sent the image in a private message, didn’t give consent for the photo to be disseminated - which could open the door for potential legal options.

The Eels backrower has been named in Brad Arthur’s team to play against the Titans this weekend and is likely to play if the NRL slaps him with a warning and a fine for bringing the game into disrepute.

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  • If I was Lane I would be suing the arse off NRL, DT and any other media that publishes this crap.

    NOTHING (that I have seen) HAS BEEN PROVEN to demonstrate Lane has done anything wrong except lick his fingers.

    Unless irrefutable proof can be produced that he was in fact doing something illegal, then Lane is in the box seat to make a LOT of money out of this.

    • There was a snippet on the 10 news that Lane, Integrity unit, Eels and the person who posted the photo's are to meet on Thursday afternoon, decision to be made on Friday, but everything still pointing to Lane getting the 20K fine. If that happens then the fine should be paid by the Manly club &/or the person who put in the public domain without permission from Lane.

      • While i agree the person who posted it should be punished.


        Your comment about the Manly club needing to pay the fibe is idiotic. Manly didn't make Lane take that photo. Even, the person who distributed the photo got it from Lane.


        He needs to take responsibility for his actions.


        Can you imagine the blow up here if something Corey Norman did while he was here came out now?


        Should the Roosters have to been made to pay Napa's fine for the videos?


        Sone combination of Lane, The Eels & the NRL should go after the person who leaked the photos but whatever the result of that is doesn't change the fact that Lane deserves to be fined for at very least stupidity of allowing himself to be put into a position where this could happen

        • Dave I understand where you are coming from and don't necessarily disagree, thing is though that Lane was still on a contract with Manly at the offence time, had the pic been released at that time then Manly would have been in the seat for dealing with it.

          If anything, the person who sent the photo's and made them public should wear some, or all of the costs rather than Lane.  Who took the photo and was it a selfie? if so then Lane has to share that aspect for stupidity. But, as far as the photo going public without his consent is actually illegal same situation why schools and other areas do not allow photo's to be taken for privacy and protection of people especially of children.

          • Lane shared it with the person who then gave it to the press, he may not have physically taken the photo but he sent it to his friend(s) one of whom then gave it yo the media

  • it seems manly has got out off this mess free, after all he was then a manly contracted player  and on a mad monday where most nrl players act the fool.

    the manly club should be acting on this with the media on them ,not chasing parra player all over the country for a story , 


  • maybe a manly fan got hold of the pics and sent it now manly and parra are both on 26 points..

    • Shit Robert,  you should alert the Parramatta club or the NRL, I don't think anyone thought of that, you're a genius.

      • Maxwell  smart 

  • That's a sensible solution. I also think that those posted this should also get a heavy fine.

This reply was deleted.

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