Parramatta Eels backrower Shaun Lane is expected to be hit with a fine for bringing the game into disrepute following an NRL investigation into images that surfaced on Monday night.

The NRL launched an investigation earlier in the week after being made aware of an image of Lane holding a plastic bag with a white substance during what is believed to be the Sea Eagles’ Mad Monday celebrations last year.

However understands Lane denied being in possession or consuming an illegal substance.

It’s believed Lane has a clean record throughout his career despite numerous NRL-sanctioned random recreational drug testing.

Lane, who sent the image in a private message, didn’t give consent for the photo to be disseminated - which could open the door for potential legal options.

The Eels backrower has been named in Brad Arthur’s team to play against the Titans this weekend and is likely to play if the NRL slaps him with a warning and a fine for bringing the game into disrepute.

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  • Good news, was scared NRL  was going to ty make a example of him due to being a parra player , but I think it helped for once all the journos were saying fine and not trying to make it that he should be suspended 

    • Parra fans do love a conspiracy

      • It's not just Parra fans. Go on any fan forum they all say stuff like this, haha. Don't get me wrong there "could" be some bias, corruption, underworld influences etc that creep into our sport on occasion, but I highly doubt there is some sophisticated secret NRL meetings discussing how to bring Parramatta down like some on here would suggest.

        • League operators are way to stupid to come up with such a plan


          • I think that Hanlon's razor applies to rugby league administrators, almost without exception:

            "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"

        • It's not a conspiracy against parra , it's more that they give a punishment to the likes of parra as wont affect support team gets from fans but select clubs don't get the punishment for same offences 

          ie, one club last year benefitted from ceo providing character reference , phone scandal no punishment , whilst other clubs for same offences would not get that support or get off with not even a fine for a phone scandal

  • Commonsense prevails! Now go after the scumbag who leaked to the media and name the a..hole! Let’s see how they handle the heat......

  • Well this is great news if true. Commonsense prevails.

  • Didn’t Napa just get a fine and they said any future images videos that were time stamped post Napa would be treated with ban but not ones taken prior. Well this was prior so should not be more severe than Napa

This reply was deleted.

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