• He is a very good player. He's got some toe too!

  • He's who I'd want to replace Jennings. However we've just extended Jennings. I don't thi k we have space for another centre. 

    • That's the issue Mutt, I was happy we extended Jenko, on much reduced coin and he's probably in career best form. But I'd take Kotoni in a heart beat, I've had  big wraps on him since I 1st saw him at Redcliffe Dolphins as a 18 year old and the talk around the place was he was a superstar in the making. He's got a lot of good years ahead of him and will be a NSW Origin player sooner rather than later.


    • But he can also play edge forward, that’s actually where he made his debut

  • How long is Waqa signed for?

    If he doesn't finish the year off well I'd look to offload him and sign Staggs. 

    • Why not drop him? 

    • Waqa is signed long term, 3 more years of memory serves

  • Hope it's not to big or small

  • His main problem will be his price

  • Definitely chase him, the kid is a winner, even in a losing team. 

    Speaking of, it seems like a few of these young players at the Broncos are looking for the nearest life boat. First Fifita, then TPJ now Staggs.

    I feel for Payne Haas, he’s locked in on a team friendly contract for the next 4 years. Looks like he’ll be the one left without a chair when the music stops. 

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