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In the Saint, Sinner & Shoosh section of the Sunday Telegraph it reads,

WHICH Kiwi International is Parramatta considering as the answer to spark their attack in 2019

Could it be the Wiz again ??? didn't we try him   

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Te Maire Martin or Levi fit the bill

Is it a current or past Kiwi international ?

It could be Gary Freeman !!!

Could well be Benji Marshall on a 1 year contract till Dylan Brown is ready

I've always thought DWZ was solid player and he only getting better.  He had good game for kiwis and amongst their best.  With Ferguson he would go a long way to fixing our poor start to sets.

It is Gerard Beale

He's the sort of average plodder this club would chase.

Hopefully we're not offering more than $850k.

"to spark their attack . . . "

It's definitely Shaun Johnson.

I think it's safe to pencil SJ in for our number 7 next year..

Could be kodi nikorima, I just don't see SJ leaving warriors now.  He has had big offers to leave before and always stayed loyal.  

Yeah - it was just wishfull thinking FM. If the Warriors let SJ go the kiwi fans would riot.

It's nice to dream though :)

It’s Kasiano

They're probably gonna extend Taka for another 4 years.

He's a Kiwi International..


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