• 3 year deal signed within the deadline just as Sammy said

    •  WEC: He said on League Life last night that he would be making a decision early next week! Did those girls know something? Plenty of smiles there!  Wilson in one of his twitters says it is a double bonus for the Eels having Guth sign when Arthur has just signed. Let me put it on record that I don`t agree with that. Don`t mind Guth but won't have a bar of Arthur.

      • Sammy interview with Gus was an obvious face saver trying to rewrite history to make it look like they were not backing down on 4 years and giving in to the deadline. That interview was a clear indication he was signing this week.

      • Robert clean your ears out he said he would make a decision This Week Or Next week .chiefy remind me not to employ you as a. Car salesman or a body language expert. only kidding  bud .ill wait till it’s announced by the club

        • The king had already agreed with Hasler verbally, then he saw my body language blog and thought he would look like a massive dope running out as captain whilst signed up for Manly.

          He knew the chief read hisbody language, then just to prove the blog wrong he signed immediately afterwards.


          You guys can now all thank me for his signature. It was a quintuple bluff from the Chief  lol


          • Hahahahaha

          • What did you put in the peace pipe and lit after all your hoorays yesterday chief, think you had something to do with a squaw from another tribe, and affected your judgement.  Ramping up for the cavalry to come and rescue you from the Pawnees, in apache territory.

          • chief guth will now snap a knee out for a year $$$$$$$$$$$ thank you burt and ernie

          • You’re the man chief! ;)

      • You should get in touch with the integrity unit Robert,  maybe even the NRL and see if they can implement their stand down policy, DOUCHE 

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