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Reports emerging Parra may offer out of favour Cowboy Kane Linnett a small cheap deal. Not to play first grade lol don’t worry, but as depth & cover in the backs.

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LOL, massive plodder.   Seems right up BA's moneyball alley.


Just what the club has been looking for!

That’ll f***** do me

Offers nothing on the paddock,in the change rooms you would use his head as a punching bag,thats a NO from me

Last I heard Linnette is going to England.

There is a reason he is out of favour.

He is a premiership winner. He’d be on minimum wage and would only play through injury or suspension. Not like he’d come here to be a consistent first grader.

but yeah let’s all be negative 

You kidding James?

Why not use that spot to develop a junior?

James is fair Dinkum here and this is why Eels Fans have gone Loony

Because we already have a bunch of juniors in next year's top 30. Linnett is a premiership winner with nearly 200 NRL games. We don't have much experience in the squad, but we have heaps of youth. This bloke is only 30 next year as well. The Cowboys are cutting him because they already have plenty of experience in their squad.

LOL!!  Well Pou has endorsed the signing, so we know its a mistake.

There are pros and cons to any signing.


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