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  • Fake or not, good comeback.

    • Very 

  • Yeah, that's calling the kettle black as my nana would say. I can't see Thurston making a comment like that to another professional sportman about his personal beliefs. Both Fake News for me.

  • JT should think about sticking to the dreamtime shenannigans..

    Imagine if somebody told JT or any aboriginal to 'stop embarrassing themselves' when they are talking about the rainbow serpent or dancing around like emu's, pointing their smoking branches at every man and his dog and blowing through termite eaten sticks?.

    All hell would break loose.

    Some might say that sort of primitive behaviour is slightly embarrassing (not me), i find it very culturally enlightning but some might think that sort of primitive carry on is embarrassing, JT.

    All Izzy did here is say he loves his faith, hardly embarrassing himself..

    One believes in the dream time, the other one christianity, whos the crazy one?

    I want to see a fight to the death between them to decide whos right.

    • LOL..... some interesting parrallels there..... you could just imagine the Watermelons squirming in their seats looking for the politically correct response!

    • That's a fake Twitter post. JT doesn't have a Twitter account.

    • To see  that   fight  snake   would be impossible  ,  you  would still have lots of egg on your face  to see , now  that Timothy  is back to stay . Lol

    • Snake, Aboriginal culture is only on display on special occasions. Many people love their faith, but dont make a public spectacle of it.  I don't know, but I imagine that aboriginal mythology is older than Christianity. Both are delusional

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