John Fonua

Looked good in the trial match - strong runner, knows his way to the try line, nice passes. Thought his defence looked good if I am remembering correctly. Does anyone know anything about him? Think he is 20 this year.


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  • See how he does in CC. Didn't look too great at times. Potential there though. 

  • I reckon Haze Dunster could be a better for round one depending  on availability of our back 5. Liking what I see of him

  • From what I saw of the game, I though Fonua was quite ok moreso in spurts, he does seem to have some power in his runs and not afraid to mix with the team.  The one aspect of the trial that was a dissapointment considering there were enough NRL/experience players to have done better, in fact they could have won the game had we not had that seemingly blue old age problem with the goal kicking, For me I believe Keighan was the better of the 2 halves over Davies. Maybe Davies tried too hard or something but his show seemed very much a repeat of his poor shows in the Wenty GF loss last year.

    I do like the work of Dunster and believe he has a future, Oregon showed his worth as well, for someone with the amount of NRL games I thought Terepo has peaked and there are other players in front of him.

    Heading to todays SG ball game, I liked the look of the #3 in that game, tall and fast with power to break the line a player to watch.

  • I thought Fonua & Dunster both played very well, Stefano was a ''plodder'' though in that souths trial game, how they are comparing him to Payne Hass is beyond me. I have seen him play for Wenty a few times and he reminds me of another big prop we had in Pauli Pauli, big frame but dopey, sluggish and nothing special. Why we upgraded this plodders contract i have no idea, we should have given him an immediate release to the Tigers, what a waste of space.!!!!

    • Might be why he is plodding as he doesnt give a shit as he knows he not here next yera. Just a thought

      • Good point mate.!

      • I thought about that too, but i just cant imagine a young bloke thinking like that, especially an unproven young bloke. Whats the sense in it? I mean, you play your whole life, you get chance in the NRL and you all of a sudden plod along because you werent given a release. I just cant see it. If true, you'd think tigers wouldnt even want such a bloke.

      • Yes, but all the reports coming out of the Club indicate he in particular has been training the house down.   Perhaps a little strategy from the Eels to enable a back flip so the Tigers don't want him. Very confusing but lets also be fair, it was one game and a trial game at that.

    • Robert, I have not seen Stefano play except for the Southes trial, so I don't have any real opinion one way or another atm.  I was hoping that he and Kafusi would have got bench spots in place of Tepai, and another forward who were basically doing nothing from the bench, at this point of time, and based on his game on against Souths, he's propably on par with Tepai.

      For me the big test will be next week against the riff, I doubt very much that Stefano will get a bench spot if its a restricted player trial but if similar to the Souths game he could get a 2nd half run, that trial will be most enlightening for me.

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