As the title says, it was just on the news that Joey has been given permission to coach the halves again on the training field. He was seen coaching onfield today. There has been some queries in this regard so I thought I would let you know incase you didn't see it. Get those halves going Joey.

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      • I have a feeling that JT is not that high on the coaching panel either.....without knocking any potential halves coaches, I think the coach you would like to have....i.e. across the board (no pun) would be Cronk .

        He must get bored doing the TV thing with that moronic group of co commentators....Cooper needs a challenge....what greater one than taking Parra to a Premiership.

      • Why, have you actually seen JT's or Cronk's coaching in action ?

        Are you suggesting they know more about the game than Joey ?

        How do you know they would be better ?

    • He can only teach Frankie, he can't make them apply what he's teaching.

  • Thank god, hopefully gives Mitch an idea of wtf he's supposed to be doing as a half

  • I'd be throwing some money at Cronk to coach our halves, not that he'd want to coach anyways

    • Again, why do you assume that he would be a better halves coach than Joey ?

  • Joey was having an impact prior to co-vid. Let's hope he does so again. 

  • Cronk is the one imo.  He has the football brains , proven success DNA and when you hear him comment on fox he is miles ahead of the other guys.  Doubt he would come and the old gps wouldn't work getting to parra from Vacluase lol 

    • paul taylor: Some two or three years ago in a blog, which I headed: Don`t Get Carter Get Cronk. I wanted Cronk to take over from Arthur there and then. The reasons I gave were in essence the same as you are now postulating only I gave more of them. 

      On Fox on Saturday Cronk gave advice to Mitchell after the game. He was critical of Moses' performance in the game against the Broncos. He advised Moses to concentrate in the finals games on his strengths. His strengths were his running game and his kicking game. His weakness was his passing game. He listed five occasions where his passing game broke down. He said to do that in a finals game you lose. Moses would not get that reality from Arthur, of course, or, more worrying from, Johns.  DONT GET Johns GET CRONK

      I thought Cronk moved into Mosman after marriage, not "Vacluase" sic. Either way, regrettably he is unlikely to come where the eels lie down.

      • Mosman is a bit closer to Kellyville Park than Vaucluse

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