• I don't think there's much wrong with this to be honest. He can stay at the Roosters, be a premiership contender, or chase some extra dollars and be scrapping to be in the 8. We'd be talking about similar scenarios for the likes of Reed and Papa for us. They'd probably take a little less if it means they're getting to challenge for a comp rather than scrape into the 8.

    Not everything is a conspiracy.

    • I've got no problem with him staying either, Super. The problem becomes when you've got Manu on $850K, Teddy on $1M, Crichton on $1M, Keary on $850K and I can keep going with more big names on big dollars. Yet at the same time the media is reporting we can't keep Gutho on $800K, Ice on $600K, Junior on $600K etc etc. The problem is when they announce Manu staying on $850K but there's no reporting of who the other big name is that they will lose. How can the Roosters have 4 or so blokes on more coin than anyone at the Eels, but the Eels are being reported as not being able to keep all their "stars".

      • That's where I'm coming from also Brissy.

      • Because whilst those numbers sound correct I'll bet dollars to donuts that the numbers the NRL have are very different. This is why the NRL needs to publish player wages including registered TPA's. Only when the world can see that Tedesco is actually on the cap for only $600k (hypothetically) can we begin to fix the very obvious inequities in the system. 

        • Agree 100%. I've seen Brett and others say it can never happen as it's a breach of privacy or the Player's Association won't allow it. Rubbish, if the NRL mandate it, it happens, like it or lump it. If you don't like it then go play union or AFL or whatever other sport you want. I just don't get it, the media reports these numbers all the time, so if random numbers are getting thrown around in the media, why wouldn't you want it made public from your employer just to clarify it.

          • Hang on, I've never said not to publish player salaries, on the contrary I'm all for it, because there is precedent for salaries to be published. IMS, under ASIC regs, the five highest paid executives of any publicly listed company must have their salaries published for shareholder knowledge. 
            This principle also applies to pro athletes. 

            • Apologies if it wasn't you, Brett, I just seemed to recall you'd said it previously.

              • Nup, not moi

              • It must've been Super objecting to salaries being published. However I thought until now it was Brett that'd previously objected to it too Brissy on older threads. 

      • Add to that list for 2022 Paul MOMIROVSKI from the Penrith Panthers premiership winning team.

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