• *all of it

            Anyone assuming we're going to upgrade this side, we will be lucky to keep the ones we've got.

            • Was trying to deliver the news and be kind, but yep!

          • That's okay if they deserve it. Hard for players to stay motivated if they're on extreme unders. They've earned it IMO 

            • They sure have. IMO the ony way we sign a qaulity back is at the expense of Fergo and off loading a quality forward.

              • That could be Nathan Brown, the priority must be Cartwright, Papali'i and Marata resigning 

                • Crazy if we let NB go.  He is the absolute driver of our forward pack. It showed when he went off injured last weekend.

                  • Interesting stage in negotiations for NB, I'm sure both parties will work out a deal 

                • Oregon Kaufusi's outstanding improvement since last season warrants an upgrade too, Mick. He'll have plenty of offers soon if we don't look after him, his manager will see to that.

              • Ah Yes - the good old Cash 22.

                $600K  (2021/2) sounds a lot if you say it slowly - in the real market it is not so great when upgrading 3 or 4 players.

                Opacic, Pappa and Carty for starters will make a big  dent.

                We haven't seen Lussick and a couple of others perform yet

              • "off loading a quality forward" ??????????????

                Are we really that flush in the engineroom EE?

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