Jennings Money

I thought it would be interesting to hear what you blokes think we need in our team. What kind of player should target with Jennings salary? Would you be looking to add a back like Braidon Burns or should we target a foward?

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  • I think we should throw the money at Hayne, Barba and Debelin now the cheer girls have gone.

  • How much money is left to spend will only be dictated by what has not been paid already. Was he suspended with or without pay?

    If with pay, there would only be half his contract value available....

    So you cant sign a 600k player with only 200k or at best 400k....isnt that what got us in trouble in 2016.


    • We ended up not paying him 

    • IIRC, there was a bit a little while back regarding the club providing some of his contract money owing to the need for support with his family. Why we reached this point of cutting him off may be caused by him being found to be guilty re the charges he faces. Just a guess on that bit though.  Other aspect may simply be that he & family could be moving and RL not part of his future at this point of time.

  • What is Reed Mahogany on? Players like him are going to need to be upgraded and Papalii too! 

  • I thought we parted ways with MJ a couple of months ago?

  • I highly doubt MJ was $400k. Who knows what the real figure is but no one outside the club (except MJ) would know. 
    Regardless, I've been really impressed with our recruitment recently. Also, the way in which we negotiate. So I feel confident the club will already know what this money is for, I suspect it's the reason for the urgent parting of ways. 
    Undoubtedly we will have to upgrade some players to keep the bulk of this squad together. And that's ok. Consider this, if we didn't have Opacic, Papali'i, Cartwright, Grieg etc and we needed to fill those positions with players performing at their level today, there's no way you get them for the prices we paid. That's great negotiating and scouting. At some stage we will need to meet the market for these players to keep them or let them walk elsewhere for more money. 

    • To stay strong we will need to let some of them walk and replace them with new cheapies who overperform. Like how the Storm failed to match offers for Scott, McLean, Harris, Glasby, Griffin and Vunivalu. All premiership winners who would've been giving great value on unders.

      • That's a really good point 

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