Jennings Money

I thought it would be interesting to hear what you blokes think we need in our team. What kind of player should target with Jennings salary? Would you be looking to add a back like Braidon Burns or should we target a foward?

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      • That's it. The key is having a stable spine in place. They lift everyone else's performances, which is why they seem like value buys. A stable spine that has time together & repetitions under its belt makes everyone else better. 

  • This is our current list with Jennings removed. I note that Sam Hughes is still on there despite the mystery surrounding what he's up to. Not sure how the whole parting ways with Jennings works as each NRL Club is supposed to have 29 contracted players as at the end of March and then 30 at the end of June. We are obviously 1 short now, so there's 2 signings to come before 30th June. I imagine we could move Roache into the Top 30 from the Development Squad and another cheap signing from somewhere? Interesting to see how it plays out in the next month.

    Parramatta Eels

    Senior squad

    Player  Contracted seasons     
    Waqa Blake 2021 2022 2023  
    Dylan Brown 2021 2022 PO  
    Nathan Brown 2021      
    Reagan Campbell-Gillard 2021 2022 PO CO
    Bryce Cartwright 2021      
    Haze Dunster 2021 2022    
    Blake Ferguson 2021       
    Clint Gutherson 2021 2022    
    Wiremu Greig 2021 2022    
    Keegan Hipgrave 2021 CO    
    David Hollis 2021      
    Samuel Hughes 2021      
    Oregon Kaufusi 2021 2022    
    Shaun Lane 2021 2022 2023  
    Joey Lussick  2021      
    Reed Mahoney 2021 2022    
    Ryan Matterson 2021 PO    
    Mitchell Moses 2021 PO    
    Marata Niukore 2021 2022    
    Michael Oldfield 2021      
    Tom Opacic 2021      
    Isaiah Papali'i 2021 2022    
    Junior Paulo 2021  2022     
    Will Penisini 2021 2022    
    Jordan Rankin 2021      
    Maika Sivo 2021 2022 2023  
    Ray Stone 2021      
    Will Smith 2021
    • You haven't included Perham.

      • It's from the NRL site and is supposed to be up to date as of today. Did he go into the Top 30?

        • It took them about a week to move Greig from Cowboys to Parra.

    • Interestingly, the "expendible" players are all given 1 year contracts. This gives the club a lot of flexibility and means that some are likely to depart next year if we upgrade the "keeper" players and/or buy in new players. I have faith that the club knows exactly what it is doing with the squad.

      Agreed that the club is probably looking to fill MJs spot very soon.

      • Apparently the club has a policy of not offering contracts or extensions longer than 2 years. This is the cause of the delay with Nathan Brown apparently. He was told the club only gave out two year deals from now on but they've made an exception for Mitch Moses & Brownie now has his nose bent out of shape. 

        • Haha well if NBrown wants to try out for halfback, I'm sure he would be welcome. Of course the club would make exceptions for one of its marquee players.

          • Of course, this was all revealed by Danny Wiedler on 100% Footy on Monday night, and Gus' simple response to Brownie was take the two years and back yourself, which I think he'll do. 
            Playmakers are always exceptions 

    • I think the Eels are being very good to Sam Hughes by keeping him as a listed top 30 player whilst he deals with his personal problems. 
      I wonder just how much lattitude they will give Sam as they could easily demote him  and push Nathaniel Roache into the top 30. 

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