Jarryd Hayne- Trial Commences this week

As per the heading Jarryd Haynes trial commences this week.  Great image for the NRL with De Belins trial currently going on for sexual assault related offences and now Jarryd Haynes for similar.  Anyway, reading the article, it appears that he has returned from his Christian Mission in Perth and has been training with current and former members of the Eels squad in Sydney and still has hopes of returning the the NRL. I make no comment in relation to the charges, trial or allegations for obvious reasons and would ask people to do the same. ( Super if that cannot be controlled or exposes the site then comfortable with and decision you make).

If he is guilty of the offences he has been charged with, then I hope he gets what he deserves.  Likewise, if he is inncocent, I hope he gets the outcome he deserves in that regard.   If found guilty, it is career over in my opinion.


If however he is acquitted, who thinks at age 32 any NRL Club would offer him a final crack? Would anyone want him back at the Eels?  Would he be a replacement for Jennings for example? Are we better having moved on and leaving it at that?








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        • I am wondering if the mother is going to be called to give evidence.

          These things are never black and white.

          • Yes hope so. It was said in court that she did tell her mother on the night that the blood was a nose bleed - apparently there was a fair bit of blood in towels etc - which sounds fair enough. Otherwise, why would she take days to see a dr. I'm my mind wouldn't that be an emergency situation? When she contacted Jarryd later that night  he told her to go see dr.

            one things for sure the headlines are pulling out bits that make Jarryd the one man headline that he has always been... hard to get facts what's actually being said. some reports look to leave a lot of stuff out and it would be easy to jump in one way or another.

            The "I'm hurting" headlines could be taken to mean I'm hurting coz you left and I thought you and I were more than that  ... but that's not how it can come across. They had been communicating for weeks prior and sometimes girls or fellas I guess  can think there's more to it than there is. 

            one thing for sure that one night has cost so so very much. Moral of the story... think hard before you act. Much more economical to pay a professional :/


          • She will be called and then crossed as to where she was before the fact and in turn the physical evidence after the fact....the reality is unless she is a witness observing from behind the door, she can't be at the fact. The interesting aside to this is she could not have screamed too loudly or called for help as Mum was in the room next door? The complaintent said she "froze"....state of mind?

            If such a situation was the case the defence would have to know about it to at least allow them to prove such a situation.

            Don't forget that the complaintent did not/was unsure wether to proceed (three days later) by her own admission, "she at that point has shown doubt" and to gain a conviction it has to beyond doubt. The judge could rule on this before Hayne even testifies if she is finally broken down. When they stopped yesterday because of her emotional state, she called him a "fcuking piece of shit" as she walked past him. I doubt the jury would be impressed by this? Maybe say's more about her than him!

            • You say it says more about her than him Popps but it could also come across a negative for him in that she blurted it out and was not afraid to do so. She did have a go at Haynes barrister as well though at “making her out to be a liar”, well that’s just him doing his job so that’s a bit rough...and says she doesn’t want to be challenged and get to the bottom of it. This is a mans life as well.

              such a needless sad sad situation...

              I think it’s the amount of blood  that’s the issue. For Jarryd to say it was a nail and herself to first say “she didn’t know whether it was a fingernail, bite or ring” that doesn’t equate with the amount of blood. It maybe been a nose bleed just like she said to her mother at first.

              Unless it was the zipper in the bedroom on grand final night :/

              • All true Macy...

                • Poppa, make no mistake as much as I’m an old girl Jarryd fan I would never want him to get off something serious like this if he did. Equally don’t want him hung based on sensational headlines either - I have sons and I’d feel the same way for them.

                    did you see the report about. what was said in court about the fasteners and difficulties with undoing? These are the very things myself and a friend kinda suspected right from the get go could cause damage - so hope when all the evidence is presented it’s given some weight by jury. I feel a little more like it’s tipping toward Jarryd story than I did earlier. It just doesn’t make semse that he “felt awkward” when her mother answered the door, watched some footy with her and would proceed to do what he is accused of. No sense at all.

                  also, it’s clear from his responses they are reasonably unfettered and not too eloquent either :) 

                  • macy my love, depending on media to give you anything remotely resembling fact is like waiting for the Eels to win the 2020 GF.

                    • Yes Col I’m only taking what’s quoted as the facts - that’s the trouble with the sensational headlines in these matters- it’s two peoples lives out there they are mucking around with and don’t think the press should be allowed in to taint the facts by sensationalising it all. Afterwards would do. The jurors are human.

                    • Believe me my lovely you will be hard pressed to find a lower form of life than some of these so called journalists and reporters, the only ones who could give them a run for their money are politicians.

                      All the trials I have sat in on the jurors are normally advised to stay away from media of any form, do not discuss the case with anyone and when reaching a verdict depend only on the evidence that has been presented to the court.

                      You can only hope the majority of jurors heed this advice.


        • Yeah FH don't really get why he wanted a jury?
          also, I read a report that mentioned the oolice recording a call she placed to Jarryd and it was  reported what was said.
          In the recording it's clear by his responses that he was confused by what she was inferring and added "you are starting to sound suss" obviously he saw something wasn't right with what she was inferring (in front of the cops not to his knowledge I assume). I hope that carries some weight. 
          my question is, should Jarryd have been informed the call was being recorded and was being admitted as evidence?

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