Jarryd Hayne- Trial Commences this week

As per the heading Jarryd Haynes trial commences this week.  Great image for the NRL with De Belins trial currently going on for sexual assault related offences and now Jarryd Haynes for similar.  Anyway, reading the article, it appears that he has returned from his Christian Mission in Perth and has been training with current and former members of the Eels squad in Sydney and still has hopes of returning the the NRL. I make no comment in relation to the charges, trial or allegations for obvious reasons and would ask people to do the same. ( Super if that cannot be controlled or exposes the site then comfortable with and decision you make).

If he is guilty of the offences he has been charged with, then I hope he gets what he deserves.  Likewise, if he is inncocent, I hope he gets the outcome he deserves in that regard.   If found guilty, it is career over in my opinion.


If however he is acquitted, who thinks at age 32 any NRL Club would offer him a final crack? Would anyone want him back at the Eels?  Would he be a replacement for Jennings for example? Are we better having moved on and leaving it at that?








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                • Thanks Benny, I think Mushy (underneath) missed my point and focused on the individual whereas it was more a philosophical issue which I think you grasped.

            • Sorry Poppa but disagree.

              Hayne proved he was not one for discipline - failed after reading his own 2009 publicity and thought he ruled the NRL - failed with NFL because the stringent discipline hampered his ego - failed at Titans because he had a strict disciplinarian for a coah (whom he shafted very successfully) and failed when he came under Bushy who was stamping his authority at the Eels at the time.

              Some people cannot be "managed" simply because they do not respond to sage advice.

              Big heads have destroyed more BIG futures than anything else.

              • You see the difference Mushy and so you are judgmental..... my take was not being judgmental but saying the result you are seeing and judging is a result of the wrong up bringing and the lack of appropriate mentoring..... there is a subtlety there that was my main point.

                Now look how I have mentored you on the subtleties of the nursing home and making sure you are nice to nursey, eat your vegetables at meal times, not to mention the strong discipline provided by nursey and her wonderful rewards. Then there is the schooling and doing your chores and  of  course being nice to your fellow nursing home inmates.

                Finally we outlawed biting because biting is a no no.....we don't bite people here or we will be punished with a good flogging......now be a good boy and always remember to study hard and be humble with your other playmates.!

                and when your old enough your wife will tell you that finishing first is not always a good thing!


              • He didn't fail after 09, 2010 was one of his finest seasons IMO,

                he didn't fail in the NFL, he went from never having played American football to making a 53 man roster AND playing 8 NFL games in the space of 12 months, that is not failure by any measurement, and his ego was nothing by NFL standards

                He didn't have a great season at the Titans, but he wasn't in RL shape and he had nothing to do with Neil Henry getting shafted, it was Ash Taylor who didn't want him as coach, and Henry had problems when he was Cowboys coach

                and he didn't fail with us 2018, he was close to our best player, albeit in a poor year

              • He wanted to sign will us, but greenturd would not allow it until he faced the nrl integrity unit about the salary cap breaches.
                NEXT minute he was on tv standing next to greenturd bragging he had signed with the tits for a huge amount and huge 3rd party deals that the club and nrl arranged. {This was against nrl policy}.
                He didn't have to appear before the nrl integrity unit.
                Then played 1 year with the tits and showed no interest at all.
                Do you think he might have been pushed into that deal and had no choice? Don't forget, greenturt done everything he could to shaft us.
                He drop the last year of that huge contract with the tits to come back to us on a lot less.
                When he came back,he did have a few injuries and never got a crack at fullback because we were trying Bevan French and Mick Gordon. I watched him play at Marathon at centre and have to amitt he looked very disinterested while on the field.
                IF he is innocent, I would give him a go on a low contract, maybe he has something to prove and realizes father time is not on his side.

          • thurston didnt request his mates get resigned either like hayne and his manager apparently did


  • Good luck in retirement Jarryd and thanks for the memories of that fateful 2009 season.





  • IF and it's a very big If .. he beats this charge, we would be mad not to give him a go in the centres.

    Wonderful player and could still make a huge difference to our side. 

    • The way the case is shaping at trial, I think he is now better than even money FH.

      AS you would imagine she is starting to get broken down in the witness block.

      My reaction at this point in time, is she didn't want to persue this at all and family members have forced her, by justifying every thing to those family members, you cannot help but embellish the truth. This is showing through IMO but who knows with a Jury?

      • 100% with a jury. They would be tainted because of the fact that he was accused of raping that girl in SF. Even though they would say they weren't thinking about it, deep down they would be telling themselves that this has happened twice now - do we let a rapist off ? 
        At the end of the day with consent, it comes down to who they believe. 
        Personally, I could really never see how someone could be convicted beyond reasonable doubt by the testimony of a woman saying that I said no and he continued. Yes there are other factors that assist in the case like actions before and after the fact but if all that is cast aside and it comes down to whether consent is forthcoming on its own, I can't see how a conviction can be sustained. 

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