Jarryd Hayne- Trial Commences this week

As per the heading Jarryd Haynes trial commences this week.  Great image for the NRL with De Belins trial currently going on for sexual assault related offences and now Jarryd Haynes for similar.  Anyway, reading the article, it appears that he has returned from his Christian Mission in Perth and has been training with current and former members of the Eels squad in Sydney and still has hopes of returning the the NRL. I make no comment in relation to the charges, trial or allegations for obvious reasons and would ask people to do the same. ( Super if that cannot be controlled or exposes the site then comfortable with and decision you make).

If he is guilty of the offences he has been charged with, then I hope he gets what he deserves.  Likewise, if he is inncocent, I hope he gets the outcome he deserves in that regard.   If found guilty, it is career over in my opinion.


If however he is acquitted, who thinks at age 32 any NRL Club would offer him a final crack? Would anyone want him back at the Eels?  Would he be a replacement for Jennings for example? Are we better having moved on and leaving it at that?








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              • Poppa, this goes for anyone in the public too; we all have no idea and only go from the media reports. Unfortunately this always plays out in the media. We will no doubt have plenty of advocacy groups in the media too.

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                • The two cases might be for similar offence but circumstances of each seems very different as well from what I read...so I don’t think it’s a fair indicator and really hope that outcome doesn’t have the effect on the other.. that would not be fair on anyone to think they are the same.

                  They are not at all the same. 

            • Yeah agree Poppa


          • The legislation regarding these sorts of police initiated calls vary from state to state. I think it would be proper for the judge to guide the jury in this point on fairness. A defence barrister could lead the jury to think about what they were would say after an encounter, not knowing the police were listening and gathering evidence. 
            I personally wouldn't have gone anywhere near a jury but I'm sure he would have been competently instructed. 
            The one advantage that a jury trial has is that there are more avenues for appeal if it goes south. 

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              • Jury can be the safer option - simple.

                As for tapping phones, it is my understanding that the police would have needed a prior court order to do so if they are presenting the recordings as evidence.

                It is not illegal to record phone calls (your own) without notifying the other party but you cannot present that recording in public. You must record on a seperate device, not directly to the phone.

                IF you have a recording the judge can order it be submitted during a case, but it is entirely up to his discretion.

                This is in QueeRZland btw.

            • Thanks FH, just think it’s extremely unfair that a person could be wording things one way and kinda influencing the discussion in their own favour with the way it’s worded knowing full well it’s recorded but the other person has no idea...and all this at the cops instigation. Tbh I thought his reaction sounded legitimately surprised on reply. Who knows?

              he has changed counsel since then, maybe it was just advised so but I honestly couldn’t see why so, particularly with his profile in the public eye and the actual timing of these allegations on top of the other,  why he would’ve opted for jury trail either...oh well.

              As poppa mentioned below just the extra wait is another odd factor? But as you say that’s one positive that he has avenue for appeal...maybe that’s what it was about.

              This case doesn’t seem to be as cut and dried as (i) was personally hoping being an old fan lady of Hayne’s :(



  • He'd still be better than Fergo or The Sauce. Similar ages. Give him another chance if he's fair dinkum

  • If he gets acquitted bring him in to replace Jennings asap.  He'll be well rested  ;)

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